Acetylcholinerase inhibitors?


does anyone out there take an acetycholinerase inhibitor, I think Huperzine A may be one, I take a drug for myasthenia gravis called mestinon, an acetycholinerase inhibitor, I found with regular use, it really helps my brain function.

an acetycholinerase inhibitor keeps the neurotransmitter acetcholine in my system, with MG my eye will go shut by itself for example. I think I have some neuronal damage in my brain, like in my eyelid from the MG.

Interesting - good question. It does seem there is some evidence for them to help in schizophrenia - though not very significant it seems:

“Cholinergic and glutamatergic agents produced small-to-moderate effect-size improvements on negative symptoms (d = 0.54 and d = 0.42 respectively), and small effect-size improvements on general symptoms (d = 0.46 and d = 0.41 respectively).”



Conclusions: The reviewed studies suggest that specific cognitive deficits (memory, and the motor speed and attention part of executive function) of patients with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder are responsive to rivastigmine, donepezil and galantamine as adjunctive therapy. Confirmatory studies are needed to determine the clinical utility of this treatment strategy.


wow, what language is this? lol

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thank you, and i would also say the antipsychotics don’t work for me. I keep telling people that. the puzzle all seems to fit together in my mind, I don’t have schizophrenia.

I’m conerned now I may be getting some kind of dementia though :frowning: I am turning 50, perhaps broke some neurons and/or killed off some brain cells biking with ocular MG? after one ride, my optic nerve was a mess, lost the color red in my left eye for example, very swollen and so much inflammation.

other MG sufferers complain that when they get flaming angry, the wrong word , or another word, just ‘pops’ out of their mouth. I’ve experienced that, its strange. it seems to start there, get worse with me if I don’t take my mestinon, even without a droopy eye.

here’s a pubmed on how myasthenia gravis and lots of exercise do not mix. when it starts, it feels like parts of my brain ‘flop shut’ just like my eye now, and it deterioriates from there. These acetycholinerasterase inhibitors really work on my brain now I’ve found (using them even when my vision isn’t a problem). I’ve seen 2 neurologists who said something to the effect “that drug isn’t supposed to do that” and “I’m not helping you with your brain”

these mestinon type acetycholinerase inhibitors last only 4 hours.

here’s how to ruin your brain with myasthenia gravis, do this multiple times. lost track of all my ER visits but I did goto every local hospital at least once if not twice (at least 6 times over 2 years)

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I have used Huperzine A. It seems to make my concentrion and memory better.
It also seems to make my psychotic symptoms worse. That is why i only use rarely, usually when i have an exam i school.

I did use it for couple of weeks once and noticed withdrawal. The withdrawal symptoms were anxiety, worse concentration and irritability.

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