Testing one, two

Just testing this out.

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How come this thread will auto close? That’s spooky!

I set that up because these are designed to be fun and shorter conversations and I’ve noticed that when you leave the threads open and people are basically using them for chat - they get very long very quickly. I’ve seen threads with 500+ messages very quickly.

This might not solve that problem completely but if a thread goes quit for two days - it would be good to close it. You can easily start a new topic.

I’m trying to make the site helpful and welcoming to new users as well as veterans - to have a thread with 5,000 message in it - its just hard for new users to scroll through.


Where does it say that the thread will autoclose?

Screen shot of mobile version

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It doesn’t say that for threads that have been moved from other categories though… might be a bug.

I am not sure about this unless there’s a way of automatically continuing the topic in a new thread with a slightly altered title if the original thread reaches a certain level of posts. For example original thread " What super power would you like". If it gets to big “What super power would you like 2” is created.
That way threads aren’t too long but the topic is open to those who might want to post to an older topic or a new poster coming across such a topic who wants to join in .

Test test testes…


Wardrobe malfunction!



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sure we’ve all heard that before

I swear! (Spins tassles. Looks innocent.)


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