Do you like the new time counter?

Even on lounge topics, I don’t like it :unamused:

We have put it in social/unusual beliefs categories because lots of people get upset when their long-dead threads are revived suddenly.


The Mod Team requested that most categories auto-close after a specified time limit (14 days for Lounge and Unusual Beliefs) and 3 months for most other categories.

Often the new posts in these threads are responses to a specific user’s post which can be uncomfortable for that user (e.g. if it’s a year or two later) or often the user is no longer even active on the forum so the new poster is left wondering why no one responded.


Yeah. I mean it’s just a pain to create a thoughtful response to try to help only to see it was a thread from 2 years ago someone brought back accidentally that’s no longer relevant to the poster. Plus it’s not like the posts automatically close after 14 days, it’s after 14 days of no one else commenting. And I guess the other close limit is 3 months, so it would have to go 3 months with no responses at all. At that point I think everyone feels they said what needed to be said.

Plus if anyone does happen to find an ancient thread they identify with or wonder how the person is doing they could just PM them.


I’m not against this rule, I was just wondering. Seems cool to me, no more zombie threads :zombie:

This is actually a good thread so thanks for posting it. We’d be interested in what folks think about the new auto-close feature.


You guys can make a poll about this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: