Terrible inserted thoughts

Is it normal to have violent intrusive thoughts in one’s head?

The evil spirit Alien torments me, suggests I kill my husband.

I have proof it’s the evil spirit and not me, and it’s this: the thoughts come when I’m in love and not when I’m angry. Well, they do come when I’m angry, but then they don’t torment me, and it could possibly be my thoughts as a result of my anger. But when everything is rosy and I love my husband so much, Alien comes and suggests and sometimes speaks to me, to harm my husband.

I’d call it inserted thoughts because they are placed in my head, they aren’t my thoughts. Is this something everyone experiences, is it normal? Or is it a symptom of my sza?

I don’t have any intention to carry out Alien’s command/suggestion, in fact when I get them I get urge to hurt myself to channel out the whisperings.

I’m terrified my husband will find out by reading my mind. It’s sometimes hard to make eye contact with him. God, I love him so much! I’d never want to hurt him!! :sob::sob: ■■■■■■■ Alien!! Why don’t he die instead??

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Well it’s not normal. And it obviously is a symptom of your sza.

Thinking this is also a symptom of your sza. Your husband can’t read your mind.


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