Intrusive thoughts and psychosis

Just another question I thought of now -

When does intrusive thoughts become psychotic?


Good question. I’d like to hear the answer too


When they interfere with your ability to know what’s real and what’s not.


Give annexample

A voice you’re convinced is from god.

A paranoid thought that tell you you’re being poisoned.

A hallucination that you think is your dead relative.


From my understanding, intrusive thoughts are separate from psychosis. Thought insertion, on the other hand, is a part of psychosis.

It depends on where the thoughts are coming from. If they’re from yourself, not psychotic. If they originate from another source, psychotic


Here’s my example - Alien the evil spirit puts thoughts into my head for me to hurt my husband and I know it’s him not me and it upsets me but it’s really him but I don’t want to hurt my husband at all.

I agree with HannahBanana on this point. Intrusive thoughts are just unwanted repetitive thoughts that pop into your head.

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Are these thoughts coming to you as a voice in your head or are you just thinking these thoughts?

It’s not my thoughts it’s from Alien he drops them into my head and sometimes he speaks internally to me not in audible but in clear sentences or phrases


Maybe you are having a combination of intrusive thoughts and hallucinations? I would guess that your intrusive thoughts are caused by your experiences with “Alien” in the past and that they are influencing your own thoughts. That’s my guess.

The way you’re describing it , it is as if you are describing thought insertion. Something that I do not believe in. Thought insertion is a delusion.

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What about an intrusive thought of harming someone which you dont want but also may have been a thought which someone inserted, sort of like 50/50

And also what if you start rationalising that thought, like what it means about you?

@Bowens @HannahBanana @onepercentoff

It sounds similar to what EarthChild is describing. As I stated above, I don’t believe in inserted thoughts. The technology for that doesn’t yet exist and I don’t believe in spirits inserting it into your head either. So I don’t believe in it period. Have you had voices influencing your thoughts like EarthChild has? I would point you to my post above as a possible explanation for your intrusive thoughts if so.

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A thought about harming someone? Possibly not psychotic. That you think someone inserted? That’s well into psychotic territory.

I don’t know what you mean about rationalizing the thought.

When I say a thought about harming someone is possibly not psychotic, I mean that in itself is not necessarily psychotic. For example everyone who has ever physically assaulted someone has not been psychotic, but almost all have had the thought.

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Theres an audible voice but then theres voices which sound like thoughts but not your own, then theres thoughts which sound like your own but couldbe voices, then theres your own thoughts. Its all depends whether you have agency over the thought this lets you know its yer own. Of course theres also intrusive thoughts which the person dosent want. I think it all depends on if you want to act on the thought or if your planning anything


I mean coning up with reasons why you think the person deserves to be harmed but only you dont want to do that, or its intrusive

So I guess you mean trying to deal with the thought rationally. I think it just shows you’re struggling with your thoughts.

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If it’s your own thought, no matter how much you might hate what it is, it’s not psychosis

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I think its mine but i also half think im being mind controlled

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Im trying to figure out why im having thoughts of harming others. Am i delusional? Intrusive thoughts? Angry? Irritable? Frustrated?