Temazepam for sleeping


Has anyone tried temazepam?

Does anyone here take benzos every day?

Anyone taken benzos daily for years?

I was on imovane for over twenty years but it stopped working so I’ve been given temazepam.

Hope it will work beautifully.

If one becomes addicted to benzos then is another medication given instead if one ever wants to get of them?

I used xanax for years. Benzo’s aren’t really a sleeper. They help you get to sleep but keeping asleep is another story…at least in my experience and you build up tolerance and they are addictive.

Have you tried the other alternatives? There’s a few more available these days but I’d be loath to use benzo’s for sleep and regularly. I had a gran mal after stopping xanax for a day. I wasn’t on a huge dose either.

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I don’t have a psychiatrist I have a Gp and this is what she gave me.

The psychiatrists all gave me imovane.

What is a good sleeping tablet for long term use that helps you sleep eight hours atleast?

Maybe talk to gp about non- benzo options. We can’t prescribe and it’s all different but benzo’s do have their problems as I’ve said.

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