Is it safe to take benzos like this?

I don’t like sleeping with hubby i can’t stand his snoring but his bedroom is being redecorated

Im really having trouble sleeping so have been taking 3 x Diazapam to help me sleep and it works but is it safe to just keep taking them like this? and then stop and start ie some nights i don’t take them?

Im bit worried about getting dependent on them as well idk

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Man, that’s really a question for your doctor. You don’t want to be relying on Net strangers for this info. Likely also not good if you’re pounding 3x the normal dose without medical oversight.


People are different. I first took a klonopin in July of 2010 and was on it for 10 of those years never got addicted or dependent or much at all but relief of anxiety. Now I’m on Valium. Only benzos I had problems with are the ones with short half life’s. Ativan actually. But I take it on. I take it off. I never had withdrawal from klonopin or diazepam but have from Ativan. Mostly I don’t need it but sometimes I take it more often and need it more but never run into issues. But everyone’s different so check with ur doctor to be safe see what they say.


Thanks Jonny!
Ps im full of a cold i feel like death warmed up :laughing:
I appreciate your thoughts x



Well im prescribed up to 3 x a day anyway PRN 2mg each one

Aww i feel wide awake 2am full of a bleedin cold night after night i trouble sleeping because hubby in my bed ugh


Hoping it helps then. I’m kind of paranoid about addictive things. Have been hooked on booze, weed, uppers, and then painkillers so far.


No, that isnt sustainable. Youll end up physically dependent.

Try valerian, benedryl, and melatonin.


I agree with @ZombieMombie , you will find that your caffeine consumption during the day after noon, your screen time after dinner and the amount of exercise also can play hazardous affects on your sleep. Try to keep the room dark and quiet, turn off the tv, computer and phone early. Get into a routine, try some herbal tea for starters before introducing things that can become habitual. Benadryl can be habit forming and once a habit forms you will find that you need more and more of it to work.


How you doing @spaceoptic. Sorry to hear you have a cold. There so irritating!
Regarding diazepam, I really wouldn’t go down that path. I’m on such a lot and mostly because of my tolerance. I’m on 40mg and I feel trapped. Due to being on them so long, when I tried doing it my way “coming off” I had a massive seizure that went on for over an hour.
This won’t happen to you, and whilst your on such a low dose I would stop them and take @ZombieMombie ‘s advice.
Natural valerian, melatonin. This way you won’t become addicted and reliant on benzodiazepines.
Believe me I just hate them. And doctors won’t reduce mine due to the seizure I had. I was literally 5 minutes of them inducing a coma to give my body a rest.
It took 9 shots of lorazepam to stop the seizure.
Go for the natural supplements @spaceoptic. You may find they work better and for longer. With diazepam you have to keep increasing them because the body keeps asking for more.
Don’t bother with them.
Hope you get well soon.
@ lovesong (Nesta) x


Oh thanks @lovesong @ZombieMombie @Michigan @velociraptor

I will stay off them as much as possible then. I’ll just save them for the odd 2mg dose when im stressed. I won’t take them to sleep.

Sorry that happened to you Nesta that really is bad. I hope you’re ok now. Must have been scary :fearful:


@lovesong im still full of a cold i feel rough. Just staying in pyjamas today.
How are you hun?

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I have been dependent on Diazepam for quite a few years now

Was on 30mg a day when I was on Haloperidol

Took me nearly 2 years to get down to 4mg a day

My doctor says when I decide to come off it 1mg a month as the last few are hard work to get off

As I understand it, your body’s nervous system gets used to the Benzo deposits and when it gets taken away it’s hell

Not worth getting hooked on

For sleep I now use Promethazine


I’m not too bad today @spaceoptic , it’s been a tough week.
I really don’t blame you hon, have a relaxed day in your jimjams lol.
4 weeks ago I had a cold but it wasn’t like it usually would be, it was like a super cold!! Yes streaming, nose none stop running, ear’s blocked! I think it’s because of the last 2n half years of literally no contact and face masks. Very strange nobody went down with a cold in those 2 years??
Sadly now , we seem to be having mega super colds. I recommend lots of lovely warm drinks and a good movie. Let hubby look after you and you take good care of yourself x

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Thanks Nesta im going back to bed now x

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Hi again :relaxed: hubby got ill before i did and hes done his back in again so he’s not good. Ive been making him hot drinks since Sunday, running around after him it been a pain but now were both ill. So have to just help each other.

@Joker thats really terrible having to go through all that. I hope you are ok and start your job soon once theyve done security checks and you’ll be happy once your working!

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It’s honestly not worth the temporary relief it provides

Thanks :slight_smile:

I hope my youth record doesn’t get in the way

Also had to fill out a health questionnaire as well, so that might also be a problem :frowning:

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I take 3 clonazepam (1.5mg total) (a benzo) every night before bed for almost a year. I’m almost certainly dependent on them by now, but I don’t care, I can’t sleep with out them.

I wouldn’t take them and risk becoming dependent on them because your husband snores, sleep in another room. Even if you have to put pillows on the floor, or tell him to sleep on the couch or something, If you take them occasionally you won’t have problems, but every day for an extended period of time and your risk of dependency goes up.

I take benzos to sleep because I HAVE too, I can’t sleep a full night even if it is dark and quiet, I wouldn’t take them unless it was absolutely necessary. I tried about 10 or so different supplements and drugs to sleep but none of them worked, Only clonazepam works so I take that,


Plenty of hot drinks, plenty of rest and enjoy a good movie together.
Sorry your both unwell, as I said, these super colds are awful and they knock you around.
In all relationships it’s a two way thing, so take good care of each other and Rest!

Don’t be too concerned about the amount of diazepam you have taken, it’s a super low dose and you’ve plenty of time to slow them down. Just take it steady as there’s no rush to stop abruptly. There always very tempting to anyone, because there quick to work. I just think it’s not worth it as I’m on such a high dosage. @Joker has done wonderful to get to where he is at. That could not of been easy. So we’ll done @Joker.
@Headspark is right too, I can’t see a problem with taking them occasionally. I just encourage you not to get to the place of the long road to freedom of benzodiazepines. Its not worth it.
Have a good evening and hope you start to feel better soon. Enjoy a movie together and take it in turns to make each other a good cuppa tea! Oh how we rely on tea!!
Get well soon
Nesta x


Yes for sure Nesta a good English cup a tea can’t live without it lol
Enjoy your evening!
Lot of jubilee celebrations this week

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If you have to ask. Then you should ask you doctor.