Telling me I'm crazy because

Okay, I’m NOT trying to piss anyone off, but I’ve been testing out different things, and obviously some of my forum posts were flagged because… Well. I dont understand why. I mentioned something about not trusting the government, now can somebody PLEASE explain to me WHY that was so bad? I think it’s absolutely healthy to show a little scepsism from time to time. Is there something I’m not supposed to say? Like… Is it illegal? Now I have had some creature hanging after me over my right shoulder all this day, kind of a helper… And he has given me signs that theres deffinately something going on in the concsiousness that I dont fully understand yet… I mean, all thos thieves, what do they really want, that’s what I try to understand. And everyone becomes mad and attacks me, why???


I dont know the topic very much but being skeptical can be dangerous for a man like me.

I was a soldier for 1 year in Turkey. It is mandatory for us to go military. When i was a lieutenant my illness begin to ocur. And I thought the government following me. Ok maybe it is not very dangerous thought but i ended up thinking that people from the government reading my mind and control it with technological devices.

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Don’t worry @Eila i had at least one reply in a topic about being single which was deleted after a few minutes . The mods must do their jobs, i am not angry or mad on them. That’s what they do

Dont worry i wont flag you. I find people attention seekers who actually flag something, if they dont like it they should just move on. They just lacking some attention.

@Eila I’m not sure which post(s) you’re specifically referring to but the Mods typically need to address and possibly remove posts or lock topics that:
(1) encourage delusions
(2) encourage going off meds
(3) political discussions
(4) religious discussions
(5) unsubstantiated treatment claims

The above is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but rather just some examples.

Also, if you haven’t done so already, please review the forum guidelines.


Add telling healthy forum members that they shouldn’t be med compliant because science is out to get them to that list.

I have had SZ for just over 25 years. I’ve gone from being badly incapacitated and being regarded as incapable of even self-care to having different careers, a wife, and daughter, and owning my own home and businesses. I’m active in, and well regarded by my community. I have a shelf full of awards I’ve won from the volunteer work I’ve done. In addition to that, I’m a published author and award winning photographer.

You know what made the above possible? Antipsychotic medications as delivered by modern medicine and the scientific method. I will proudly stand up to anyone who says that medications and science don’t help schizophrenics as that is patently false. And, yes, CRAZY.

So there.

Hi Eila,

I love debating politics but it does get me riled up and can end up triggering me.

I’m sorry you felt attacked, that’s not what this forum is about, this is more like a sanctuary.