Flagging of posts, moderating and tolerance

On a personal level I think I have made it clear that I support Atabo.

From a moderator point of view I think perhaps some things need to be said. As SZAdmin noted in another post, Atabo’s posts are not getting flagged regularly. What I am finding hard to deal with at the moment is the fact that since I have been moderator there are some people who’s posts are getting flagged on a regular basis as being inappropriate etc. Some of the very same people who have the least amount of tolerance for other members.

There is a post flagged right now that I would usually un-flag, even though I agree with the flag, in the interest of freedom of expression. Ironically the person flagged doesn’t give that same tolerance to other members.

I don’t know if this is appropriate or not, however my feelings right now are that perhaps in the interest of fairness, and if it is possible, that it be let known who has received the most flags and who’s post are being seeing as the most inappropriate as maybe this would allow for a more tolerant attitude towards others.

I do think from now on that I should be letting the person who was flagged know that it is happening instead of unflagging in the interest of freedom of expression. My bad for doing so in the past.


I agree that all people should be notified when their posts get flagged.
I do not agree with only letting one person know for the sake of humbling them.

I tend to be a passive and overly sensitive person, so everyone else may not agree with me.


I admit, it would hurt, but if I’m out of line, I’d want to know. I have always said, you can call me out on some bad habits. It would bug me, but I’d ponder it.

Being more aware here on the forum I think has made me more aware in real life. I had a stint of “normie” jealously but as I sort of got “schooled” on this forum, I started opening my eyes to the people around me. Now I understand again that everyone has their own problems.

If I’m flagged, let me know.


I really hope my posts are not being flagged. My artwork is probably not appropriate. I am sorry.

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Just to clarify a little bit. The flagging of posts does not occur on a regular basis. Fairly infrequently actually. I don’t want anyone thinking because of my post that this is happening a lot.

There are maybe a handful of members whose posts get flagged and maybe a handful of members who flag posts. Ironically the overlap between these two groups is something that I note when I’m reading the flags, as I will sometimes be clearing a flag of inappropriate for a member’s post who recently flagged someone else’s post as inappropriate. Meaning that the same member is flagging and being flagged.

I’m questioning my own style of handling moderation up to this point. :blush:

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It’s sort of like that in my Sz group, the few members who want the most leeway, have the least tolerance for others getting leeway. It’s an interesting dynamic.


Sounds like there are inappropriate flagging wars going on.

I would like to know if I ever get flagged…probably haven’t been, but you never know…

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I think i have flagged on a couple of occasions but not for ‘tit for tat’ reasons.

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I have seen some posts on here that I think (at times) cross the line of inappropriateness with way too much information :grimacing: . I do think some posters should think about the scope of the viewing audience and keep it respectful. It has never occurred to me to flag anything though. These occurrences typically are on the “Diagnosed” section, so in a way, I feel as if I’m an outsider looking in.

I do think that if a post is flagged, in warranted cases the poster should be made aware of it.

Off topic a little and on the subject of the different sections, it does seem the lines have been blurred a bit between the sections since the implementation of the updated website. Everyone is more interactive on every section now, which is a good thing! On the old site, I very rarely would post/comment on the Diagnosed Section.


Hmmm, interesting…Gyms must have changed. i went to 4 different ones in the 80s and 90s and didn’t say or hear very much of that. Two were all male or mostly male and 2 were co ed mixed company. You would occasionally hear a cuss word now and then but not like the environment you are talking about.
Loud AC/DC music is what got us going to lift more, LOL

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the gym I go to has a cuss word in its name, i kid you not. Its primarily a powerlifting gym, most of the people who are members are competitve powerlifters, strongman competitors and some competitive bodybuilders. Its deadly serious, people squat over 700lbs and need five spotters all of the time.

The ones I went to were mixed…there was the heavy powerlifter crowd, but there were all kind of people who went there. Plus 2 of them had aerobic and track and stationary bikes…many people just went for that type of exercise.
I used to help spot a guy who could bench 600…one in the middle and one on each end, so 3 guys to spot his bench.

have i been flagged for anything?

i know a couple of threads have been deleted just after i post something which sucks and makes me think i did something wrong

I think that would probably have been a coincidence.

first of all,thank you about your interesting of freedom of expression.
1-i do not interesting with the personal issues with anyone here
2-I interesting with explain the facts of schizophrenia for those who
do not know these facts
-i do not write something about my self or the behaviors of otherness here,
-i do not write fabricated stories about the sz or offering wrong information
-i am not an occupant working here under directive of anyone,inspire to
me the appropriate or inappropriate the subject or the content of my posts
3- I abide by the truthfulness and credibility in what i say about
the sz case or its cause or symptoms …etc,i am not false witness
4- i do not care if someone dislike reading or knowing the facts ,and instead he asking
about flagging my posts for sake he feels worry from the words or the facts !
5-may be you know,i delete most of my posts here by my self for personal causes,
subsequently,i can stop writing here without feel worry about getting flagged
regularly or randomly or temporarily
6- i do not be afraid /scared from anyone here writing about the sz case,cause of
sz,the symptoms of sz whatever his scientific degree !


My XFit trainer was like that. He yelled lot and didn’t really give much praise.

I loved it. Maybe I should be in the military?
But it wasn’t that kind of yelling. It wasn’t really supportive yelling either. Kinda do it now! I had better see butts in the air (plank).

But when I got praised (only happened once) I was so happy because I really felt like I had earned it and achieved something.

@BarbieBF if my post gets for rudeness could you please let me know and unflag it so that I can apologize appropriately? I don’t think that I can really be forgiven if people don’t know what I am sorry for.

Your posts are fine. :smile:

Yes you are right. Schizophrenia is what the medical community calls this phenomenon.

I hear my son in this sentence. He is always telling me that doctors etc have no idea what schizophrenia is since they are not the ones living with it. I should be listening to him and his explanation not the doctors.

The intend is not to mock however I do see your point as we generally do not believe that the person is seeing or hearing what we do not see or hear. No matter how nicely we do it, I can see where it would be taken as a mockery. Personally I don’t know if it is real or not, only that I do not see or hear what my son is capable of seeing and hearing. I try to keep an open mind that he may be right and I may be wrong. Imagine everyone’s surprise in say 20 years is he is right :blush:

We have to, as best we can, find a balance between freedom of expression and respecting everyone’s point of view as everyone will not agree with your point of view or my point of view. My facts are not the same as my son’s facts. Hopefully one day we can find a good balance between the two.

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This is when I have the most trouble. When my journal date 6-15-10 is completely different from my sisters journal date 6-15-10. It’s like reading vastly different stories that happened in the same place at the same time.

Then I’m left being confused.

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