Show me the way,

Why my post does not appear as a thread
I don’t see my threads,

To make a new thread you should go to the main page and click in New topic!
Do you meant that?

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Recently, some of your threads had to be deleted because they went against forum rules. That’s where they went.

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If I’m so hated in this forum so tell me, I will leave it in a second, remain alone with your forum and derive pleasure out of it , I will not remain somewhere which conspiracy is a normal act

You’re totally welcome on the forum. You just have to follow the rules like everyone else.

@aliali I like your postings …

Thank you @mjseu,
This is reciprocal,

Hi @ninjastar, what about me, I also wrote a lot of difficult sentences.

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Everyone is welcome on the forums. We just moderate things, and when you don’t follow the rules, we will take the appropriate actions.

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Are you on medication right now? You’ve been sounding very paranoid lately, talking about spies and conspiracies :frowning:

ninjastar what kind of posts get deleted?

I’m not paranoid but there are some negative thoughts and actions in this world, we can not say every negative is because paranoia, they have deleted a music video I shared, an action which repeated many times by other users, what does this mean? And about the spy I can prove it to you if you want,

How do you prove the spy? And besides asking that, you do know that thinking there are spies is a symptom right?

I haven’t seen your threads you posted so I can’t really judge why they would’ve been deleted :confused: sometimes also totally innocent threads can get locked down because other people get in fights or whatnot on there, that’s happened to me before I think

Go ask him what dosage of meds he is taking and he will give some totally wrong answers to you! He never had schizophrenia or going to pdoc, he just uses some information’s he got from us, I don’t know he is spy or not but he simply is fake,

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Anything that doesn’t follow the rules

Your video posts (I’m assuming the ones “for the ladies”?) are still up. They haven’t been deleted. I deleted your spy thread because there is absolutely no point in making the members of this forum paranoid or on edge because you don’t trust someone’s stated diagnosis.

If someone is behaving in a harmful manner, flag it and let the mods deal with it. Don’t make cryptic threads about it. Please don’t post about this again.

thank you, that was very helpful

Why you are fighting @aliali, nobody wants to say he is a schizophrenic. A lot of other sites are available like Facebook to introduce. I used this site because I am a shizoeffective and write my such feelings that are avoidable to other sites. It is good that moderater should control it, because in thought direction we are failed by the society.

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