Tell me how risperdal has helped you with positive and negative symptoms?

I’m on abilify right now and have become worse so I need to switch. I get so paranoid about taking my meds so I need a long acting injections. I hear risperdal has one called consta. So I’m looking to see how its helped people. I know everyone is different.

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I hear risperidone consta is similar to invega Sustenna. Never been on consta but I was on Invega for 10 months. Great at managing symptoms. Bad for prolactin levels and weight gain.

Risperdal helps me with positive and some negative symptoms.

I feel lazy sometimes.
I gained weight in 3 months

Im going to change my dose. The positive symptoms are getting worse

Consta was the worse drug I was ever on. Worked on positives did nothing for negatives possibly made them worse. It also caused me to feel extremely hunger. Be prepared for weight gain. I was at my absolute worst functioning on that drug.

What dose were you on?

I think it was a high dose. Cant tell you exactly though. I was on it a long time ago.

I am on R. Consta. It takes away all my positives. Gives me bad negatives. It also takes away all libido and orgasmic capacity, makes it almost impossible to lose weight, contributes to akathisia, and greatly reduces creativity.

But, I stay on it because it’s the only med that has ever put a dent in my psychosis. It’s a very strong and very effective drug from what I understand by psychiatrists.

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I have been on the risperidone tablets for many years.
I stay on it because it really helps with my positive symptoms.

Honestly it’s really the only AP that works for me, Haldol also.

Risperidone and Depakote are my miracle meds.
Both tried and true.

It doesn’t help with Negative symptoms so much but risperidone does have antidepressant properties.


I’m on risperdal right now and I’ll say that it works better for me than abilify did. It definitely helps with the positive symptoms like lowering voices, paranoia, and clearing up delusions. It does help some with negative symptoms, but my citalopram is what really works for it.

But the weight gain is still pretty bad. While it was worse with abilify, I still have increased appetite with risperdal. That’s why I’m probably going to switch to something else if its available.

Overall, it’s an ok medication, good for symptoms, but still has that second generation antipsychotic quality to them.

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Risperidone helps with both positive and negative. But for me it is a trade off, makes it harder to think and concentrate in my case. Some say it improves thinking… that is true in the respect that it reduces distractions. The net result is I am blunted with Risperidone but I also take Seroquel… the combination together is very effective but at times I feel a little spaced out. Abilify worked great for me but I had negative reaction and had to stop it.

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