Tell me about your pregnancy, please

I want to hear about your pregnancy if you’ve had children.

How were your symptoms in comparison to normal,

Did you have serious postpartum issues?

Did you stay on medication, or try to cut back?

I’m curious.

My pregnancy was a whirlwind so its hard to tell what was psychosis and what was legit.

Also, if you don’t have children yet, what is your plan if you get pregnant?

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Hi @anon54386108

Pregnancy is something I have been thinking about on and off for more than a year.
I asked my doctor and he said yes I can have kids but we need to discuss it with a physician etc.

I am in a very good place in my life I have the best resources, the best situation and can make a great life for a kid.

I have not read ANY positive information about having a baby while being on antipsychotic or having a disability. Antipsychotics are almost 99,9 % of the time ruining the fetus or making so many so many complications for the baby other than premature birth and medication withdrawal during birth.

Other than that my partner is ‘normal’ with very few physical illness. But I am ill like my mom, my aunt and my dad does not seem very normal either. :thinking:

BUT there is at least 12-13% chance the disease is passed onto the baby. Other than complications.

PLUS I AM NOT stable 75% of the time. I have symptoms while being on medication most of the time. Some days I can not leave the bed.

Considering all this and other people’s experience. It is NOT a tiny bit of a good idea to have a family. I wish I could. But it is NOT a good idea. I am unstable as it is. I can not handle pregnancy. I also have NO ONE around me to actually help with the baby or help ME. So I need to let it go once and for all.

I will focus on traveling and having fun and making A LOT of money. These are good goals to have and my partner is OK with any of my decisions. Sometimes I regret the illness but it is what it is.

My personal situation and thoughts.

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please write warning on the title

I’m pregnant and on 5mg of olanzapine, there was a risk of gestational diabetes which I was tested for and I didn’t have it. Can run the risk of having a bigger baby as it changes your blood sugar levels and will have to stay in hospital for 3 days after birth to monitor baby for side effects :slight_smile:

I have a team that are closely monitoring how I am as there’s a risk with the hormones that I could have an episode again, but I feel strong within myself that that won’t happen :slight_smile: hope this helps


@spiderpig and @mermaid1

Thank you so much for the input.

I’m concerned the risk of problems with symptoms increases with age and I’m not at a place to have another baby, but possibly want one? Who knows…

Put a warning in the title?

Warning people of what, gross pregnancy stories?

No way! I love gross.

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I had all my kids before I started getting ill. I had depression before hand and bits of anxiety, but that is it. I am not planning on more kids.

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Thanks for the input @amethyst!

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I can’t get pregnant, I am male.

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Don’t worry @Erez_Shmerling,

The technology is almost there…


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My gestation period seems to be longer than normal – I really need to talk to my obstetrician about this.

After I find one.


I clicked on this because I had to see what @ozymandias had to say about pregnancy.

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I hope none of them were pregnant :smiley:

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