Pregnancy for women with schizophrenia

Has any of the female participants with schizophrenia gave birth after being diagnosed? If yes, were you on medication during pregnancy? If yes, has it affected the child in any way? Thank you, I would appreciate your input.

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I had a baby after my diagnosis,

But was not medicated during pregnancy.

It wasn’t easy, but once you catch that hormone high at your second trimester its almost like you’re sane.

And I’m not sure if my son has any symptoms, he’s young,

I feel like its unlikely.

I have sza but I never plan on getting pregnant. My mom is bipolar and my dad sza. Any way my mom went through two pregnancies without meds. According to everyone she was difficult. That may have caused in someway the difficulties she had with my brother when she was having him.

I was a premie and that has to do with my parents recklessness. My mom drinking,smoking and doing drugs and my dad’s constant cheating and giving my mom an std while she was pregnant with me

Did your psychiatrist and gynecologist work together while you were pregnant? Did you plan this pregnancy?

thank you for your replies.

It was not a planned pregnancy.

I feel like your doctors could work together in order to make your pregnancy as low stress as possible.

I think @LED was taking APs during pregnancy and had a positive experience.

Let’s see what she says.

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@spiderpig had a baby recently, but I’m not sure if she was on meds.

We’ll page these ladies and maybe they’ll have some input.

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With only one parent with sz the child has only a 15% chance of getting it.


Thank you, that would be great!

I had my daughter while on haldol. I decreased my dose a little when I got pregnant, but that earned me a month in the hospital because I went psychotic. So we had to increase the dose again. I stayed on the higher dose after birth and am still breastfeeding while on it and she’s doing great. She’s a year and a half old.

Sometimes when I have to take extra I wonder if it makes her legs ache the same way it does mine, but who knows. That’s about the biggest issue I’ve had.

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My pregnancy was planned and my perinatologist/maternal fetal medicine specialist, psychiatrist, primary care, and social worker all worked together to make sure things were good. It took me seven years and 10 pregnancy losses before I actually had a successful pregnancy, so that’s why I was seeing specialists.

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I was on olanzapine 5mg during my pregnancy, it’s now been upped to 10mg, I had a prn drug lorazepam if needed but I didn’t need it :blush: It hasn’t affected my baby in any way, only that he was slightly bigger at 9ib12, there was a risk of gestational diabetes, which I didn’t get! He’s a happy and normal little boy, only thing is I can’t breastfeed because olanzapine. But on haldol you can. Hope this helps x


I’m also on olanzapine now and it’s the medicine that works best for me. Thank you all so much for your replies, I appreciate it. I now have hope that it will happen to me!


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