Telepathic Rape

If I could write music I’d make a song and call it that. My mind has been thoroughly done in by the telepathy whether it is a hallucination or not. They all tell me its not real but its like wtf are they lieing. Any of you ever read someones mind?

yes I seemingly receive the “thoughts” of others (in their actual voice) as well as seem to broadcast my own thoughts to certain people. Conversations are even possible. I think I’ve described these as voices before but that’s not really what I’d call them. They are more like thoughts, as if these people are actually thinking inside MY mind. It’s as if not everybody is capable of this “mind reading/thought sending” as there are a lot of people who I receive absolutely nothing from.

But telepathic rape you say…that’s spot on for me as these “telepathic” exchanges are often (not always) of a sexual nature. It is as if there is some being who is talking to the people who’s thoughts I can hear/can hear my thoughts and making comments about me of a sexual nature. I cannot hear this being’s (her) thoughts but can hear other people responding to her (I sense that this being is female) It’s as if she is sabotaging me at every turn.

But otherwise it is very realistic, the mind reading that is, as this is all spoken or thought in the same voice as the person supposedly doing the thinking. It’s mind boggling how all this could be coming from somewhere in my mind…how the hell is my mind creating all this? It’s so REAL.

I sort of simultaneously believe all this could be real while at the same time I believe that they are symptoms of schizophrenia while questioning both hypotheses back and forth daily. It’s like my heads spinning in cricles half the time but at least it’s interesting…very interesting.


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Yeah man I’m in the same boat. My best explanation is a conscious dream state where my mind is filling in the blanks of this imagined reality where they are all experiencing me as I am in my entirety. They make sexual comments. I’m so tired of having sexual thoughts and thoughts about sexuality. Eliminating these trends are the only way I feel I can find comfort in this relatively new state of being for me. It’s a slow painstaking process and it leaves me trying to be a thoughtless as possible. It was cool to hear the similarities of your story.

yes you have put it well in you title thread.

its like privacy is all an illusion, i have numerous voices.
that are not an imagination of myself, they are so different in thought,voice and
Its either paranormal, or being transmitted by some kind of technology.

look up eletronic gangstalking, where “they” also induces voices in the head

here is one link

I dont want to believe in that gangstalking bs. I dont think its that this is two organic in nature to be the product of some computerized system. It is merely a hallucination.

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Can I just hug you or something? This is exactly my issue! The voices keep going back and fourth with telepathic nonsense. It is like a stemmed of mind branched into many personalities. You are smart and strong to get through this. I got through it by holding on to my ideals. I could hardly think and hardly understand my surroundings. Now I am here realizing that the mind is not reality, it is only our perception of the reality. They comment on the reality to distract us and pull us back to the mind. It is a form of escapism. The woman in which you speak of is in my mind too. It is like a ideal view of what you do not want to encounter. The sexual explicit language and images are what weakens me (or what used to). Believe that your morals are yours till the end. Believe that your decisions are what is best for you and ignore the jabbers of them. Confidence is the key. It is all about reality and imagination.

Nah. I can read thoughts a lot of times by watching their faces though. No magic or psychic-ness involved in that though, lots of people just wear their thoughts on their face lol. I also thought I used to be psychic because I would just know things about people they didn’t say until I realized I was just highly observant and good at noticing patterns between types people and their lives.

There was a time in life I actively tried to keep my head empty because I thought if I thought anything the devil would see my thoughts, find my location and kidnap me. Telepathy fear is just unpleasant. Every entity I speak to I speak to telepathically.

It would be interesting if this is related to my symptoms. I have memories of lives in previous universes. I wonder if it’s related. I don’t experience telepathy FYI. I know my stuff is real but can’t prove it and would sound like a lunatic.

It would be interesting too see if you really had conversations with people in a previous universe that is manifesting in your head. Imagination can go pretty far with this. What if telepathy existed in another realm and your being subjected to previous experiences in your brain. I know I sound like a quack but I’m just trying to make sense of this whole paradigm I’ve discovered.