An interesting question

I used to think people were reading my mind, but now I’m past those delusional days and realize it’s the illness.

However, it does bring up an interesting question: is it ever okay to read someone else’s mind?

I could maybe justify that in a very limited controlled manner in a court case to determine guilt, but anything beyond that just seems wrong to me. What do you think?

Since a lot of people are experiencing auditory hallucinations, another question is, is that ever ok to do to someone? I think not, your mind should be a safe place.

I don’t understand the question

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Like, make someone else experience auditory hallucinations. Cause them to hear voices in their head.

How is that possible my friend?

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My brother has always joshed me in the past…

Me: “I lost my train of thought.”

Brother: “That’s okay. It was only carrying empty boxcars.”



Me: “You just read my mind.”

Brother: “Yeah. It was a short read.” :wink:

It’s not, but just hypothetically if that kind of tech existed.

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But what about people that are falsely accused?

And couldn’t they just think whatever they want? I mean, there are plenty of people that think they’re innocent of things because they just don’t think it’s a big deal or whatever.

The only time I think I would want someone to be able to read my mind were if I was suicidal. But then how would they know until after they read my mind?

I think reading minds would be the worst invasion of privacy. My voices are all “mindreaders” and talk to me constantly. I feel like i havnt had a private moment to just think about stuff for 4 years. I know its just the illness but its still super annoying.

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Yeah, that’d be really unfair to them, so I’m not sure I’d ever support the use of mind reading without consent.

Idk I think it might be fun for like a day and I wouldn’t have to worry about what people are thinking of me but idk if I would feel ok doing that I think I’d feel bad about it.

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