Teeth Grinding when awake

Is there a way to stop this?

I know some people wear a guard at night, but I am not sure I do it in my sleep or not

But when I wake up for a good while it’s pretty bad

Have cut the inside of my mouth, and I keep catching myself doing it!

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You probably do do it in your sleep. Speaking anecdotally of course.

My dentist told me I grind my teeth in my sleep. After that I noticed very often when I was stressed I would grind my teeth against each other.

I highly recommend a guard for your teeth’s sake. There would be nothing wrong with wearing it in the day time if it was getting distracting.

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I prevent myself from grinding my teeth by taking them out and soaking them with a Polident tablet. Not sure how well this will work for you.


Maybe try to replace the habit with something less harmful? Maybe try gum?
I dont grind my teeth but i do chatter them if that makes sense. Like press them together and then distance them and repeat. Sometimes to music beats weirdly.

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I find myself doing the same thing. I grind my teeth back and forth and i keep catching myself. I hope its not tardive dyskensia