Grinding teeth (bruxism)

I have tremendous anxiety, and have had for as long as I can remember. When I was a teen, I would grind my teeth and clench my jaw all day, and I suspect also at night. Now I’m older, I’ve noticed it’s prominent again. I also make a growling noise in the back of my throat throughout the day.

I don’t know what’s causing this anxiety, but I’d very much like to get a cap on it. If you have this, what do you do for it? Does anything help?


Anxiety is a horrible feeling. You can get a mouth-guard to wear at night, it takes a little getting used to but at least it would stop you damaging your teeth while you’re sleeping. You could wear it during the day too if you were alone. I know this doesn’t deal with the anxiety, but it’s a practical solution to minimise damage to your teeth.

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I thought about getting something to put in my mouth, but I don’t know how this would work because I’m always working. At night, though, it’s a good idea.

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