Me Tooth Grinder!

Okay so I have this terrible, terrible nervous habit of grinding my teeth. I do it rhythmically to a beat (as I am a trained drummer) and I can’t for the life of me stop! My dentist has said that the dentine is exposed which I can see, and has recommended a mouth guard to wear at night ($500) not realizing I do all this grinding when I’m awake.

I remember the night I realized I had been doing this a while and couldn’t stop, it was back when I was 16 so I’ve been doing it for at least fifteen years! At this rate there will be no teeth left in another what ten? fifteen if I’m lucky. I mean I know people who have false teeth (or no teeth at all!) and they say it’s no big deal but I’d much rather have teeth!

I’ve tried chewing gum and that never lasts long, all I can do is realize I’m doing it and stop myself, but that never lasts long either…

I grind my teeth terribly. I’ll lose them eventually because of it. Though my dentist said they sell a mouth guard, which is incredibly expensive, he suggested buying a sports mouth guard like the ones kids wear when playing football. They’re supposed to be pretty cheap.

Found a link, they are cheap, and cool looking. I like the fangs.

try hypnotherapy it has worked on my ’ shrek ’ brother in law for smoking and gambling…he is going in again for his drinking habit…it works for him…
take care

According to my late wife i used to grind my teeth at night.

When I wore my night guard at night I ground my teeth much less in the daytime.

I have grinded my teeth since I was a kid. My dentist told me ten years ago that I had the teeth of a sixty year old man.

My son also does this…seems like a stress thing
Is that what causes it?

When I was in my 20’s I had done that till my jaws popped when I opened + closed them. My dentist told me I’d have to have surgery.

Gradually I unlearned the had habits in the daytime. Soon my jaw no longer popped. I woke up sometimes grinding my teeth. I rarely do now. Now I’m working at getting my tongue to be comfortable.

You’ve got to want to do it. Night guards for your teeth help at night + in the day.,

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I wonder if he is aware that he does it?? Sometimes so hard I can hear it

Yeah, my family used to tell me they could hear me grinding my teeth at night. I was never aware that I did it.

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Malvok, check out mouth guards on I paid a $100.00 for mine, but I saw some for under $50.00. But remember, “You get what you pay for”.

I grind my teeth too, night and day. I have TMJ, so my jaw is always tight. I got a mouth guard from my dentist for $50 (it was covered by insurance), and they molded it to the shape of my upper teeth. It fits perfectly.

Like pob said, as I stopped grinding them at night, my jaw became looser and I decreased the grinding during the day.

It is a stress reaction, so if I’m super stressed during the day, I’ll wear my mouth guard at home. No matter what, I ALWAYS wear it at night.

Losing teeth is no fun, and it’s expensive to replace them with bridges or implants. I think the cost of the mouth guard is def worth it!




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