Teen Pot Use Linked to Increased Risk for Psychotic Episodes

Teens who use marijuana or smoke cigarettes are at increased risk of having a psychotic experience by age 18, according to a new study.

Late adolescent onset cannabis use was associated with a roughly threefold (300%) increased risk for a psychotic episode after adjusting for potential confounders, and early-onset use was even more strongly associated with increased risk, the analysis found.

The adjusted risk associated with cigarette smoking was much less robust.

The study, published online in JAMA Psychiatry, suggests that marijuana use by teens, and cigarette smoking to a lesser extent, may be independent risk factors for psychotic episodes later in adolescence.

Full story here:

Primary Source
JAMA Psychiatry

Source Reference: Jones HJ, et al. “Association of combined patterns of tobacco and cannabis use in adolescence with psychotic experiences” JAMA Psych 2018; DOI: 10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2017.4271.

Full research paper here:


this is what im always saying, weed use can cause sz. why then are so many people on this forum sympathetic to this drug


Because they are addicted to it.

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i don’t think its addictive for most, it just makes some people feel good. for others it makes them feel very bad like me

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Is it possible that kids that need to get high that young are predisposed to be kinda cray?

I mean,

If you’re self medicating at fourteen, something is wrong to begin with.

That was the case for me, anyway.

I think weed is not good for some folks,

But I also feel like its a catch-all for people looking for something to blame.

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I found pot to be more addictive than alcohol.

Part of the problem with marijuana addiction is I was so functional. I showed up for work stoned for six years straight and it never effected my work. I also never lost a job from showing up high.

Maybe because marijuana is a great help for other illnesses and aliments. It can help people go through chemo, or withdraw from hard drugs, it can help people recovering from EDs to gain an appetite, it can help with cramps, headaches, insomnia, body pain, ect ect.

Why should we criminalize a drug that is legal in many places and many studies have found it helpful for other illnesses. Seems a bit greedy that just because we can’t handle it we have to treat others as addicts when to them it may be a great help.


Peer-reviewed studies and research have not found this to be true for most of everything that u are saying.

They recently released a 700 page document on the effects of marijuana. Its good against certain aches and pains and thats it.

People are always saying how great it is but forget how dangerous it can be for certain individuals. And this i suppose is my concern with marijuana advocates. The stuff is always good but never bad.

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Who is “they”?

A lot of the things she mentioned are true,

My mother in law was prescribed marijuana when she had chemo.

For both pain and nausea.

It was extremely effective as it is for endless others.

I know that cannabis can be toxic (mentally) for a few, but for a lot of other people, its helping.

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I could find studies proving my point as well, but why bother when it seems like you’ve made up your mind.

My personal opinion is biased because i went from being high functioning to sz overnight from space cake. Never having done drugs before or after. So i cant hear how inoffensive and great mj is.

Plus my research has led me to the conclusion that mj should only be used under medical supervision.

Mj may help some but it may also destroy others. This last part isnt being said enough imho.

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Thats bs. I was psychotic before i even smoked pot

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What matters here is the link between mj and sz to get back to the original post.

I think its important for people to understand proper usage and dosing,

So in that sense, I guess we can agree.

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I’m for legalisation but it being strongly regulated, with government warnings that it’s not suitable for anyone with a family history of psychosis.

I’m sorry, not sure if I understand. Are you implying I somehow derailed the thread?

I started pot use (with THC) at age 17. And I used it recreationally only. And I used it recreationally all of my life up to the age of 48, when I quit using it for religious reasons. As of last year, I started using CBD (no THC) in capsule form everyday. I have no ill effects from it. As a matter of fact, it successfully treats my arthritis pain and my anxiety. I am grateful for it. CBD is non psychoactive.

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This is a little off topic, but one concern I have would be folks driving under the influence and possibly putting themselves and others at risk. I have the same concern with alcohol as well.

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I live in California and the weed is totally legal, I buy it at a store.

The problem I have is dosing.

You could go in the store, buy a brownie and be dosed with 175mgs.

Its labeled properly, but how is a beginner to know 175mgs will mess you up, bad.

People don’t know how to use safely, you know?

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Have to agree, thats the only problem I have with it, is people using while working, driving etc.

Most think they do better, but being a sober person around them, I see they do much worse

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