Teen Pot Use Linked to Increased Risk for Psychotic Episodes

Couldn’t you just ask the person working? At dispensaries here they answer all your questions and usually ask if it’s your first time, do you have any questions? Ect ect.

Also for any edibles above a certain dose the package will say something along the lines of ‘eat in quarters’ and they also say on packaging to always take a small amount to test it first and wait at least an hour before you take more

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That’s likely because it’s essentially an unregulated industry, even in states where it’s legal.


Of course I would ask the tender, but I’m worried about idiots.

And a dose that large is simply labeled with the mgs.

A lot of edibles have warnings about it taking up to 2 hours to take effect, but they don’t really recommend a dose.

I just wish that people would do research and not just consume, consume, consume, then blame cannabis for their issues.

That sounds harsh, but it seems to be the case a lot of the time.


I completely agree with you.

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Side Note:

THC inhibits GnRH relase from the hypothalamus just an FYI. In laymans terms, no GnRH equals no stimulation of FSH and LH which leads to NO NEW TESTOSTERONE production. You may have “X” amount of testosterone in the blood but then once using cannabis, the THC prevents the signaling of new testosterone from being made. It is all about hormones. So I have been clean from all illicit drugs for 200 days or so and my meds work 20x better now than when I was using cannabis which has been proven to POTENTIALLY exacerbate psychosis. If you smoke too much, do dabs, eat brownies, etc that have too high a THC concentration, you are more likely to feel paranoia and all that. My thing is, if you habitually use it, your endocannabinoid system then becomes dependent on the exogenous supply of cannabinoids and endo turns down. That is why it can be hard to quit, just like any drug.

Point is, back on track, THC is pro-psychotic and CBD is anti-psychotic. People are starting to figure this out finally. Cannabis is not all perfect and magical although I do miss it.

I was reminding myself that although mj could have a variety of positive effects, when it comes to mental health - and this is what is of interest to us - mj is risky and dangerous. Would u agree?

This is why i am in full agreement with the original post.

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That’s why they need to sell cannabis with equal amounts of cbd and thc. Cbd is neuro protective. All the skunk on the streets have little to no cbd.

I think I read that cannabis used to be high in cbd and only about 5% thc, but man has bred the cbd out of it and raised the thc.