Ted Ed - Could your brain repair itself?

Neurons != Consciousness.

My point was - increasing of Brain cells wouldn’t necessarily cure Alzeimer’s or for that matter mental illness. I think its too naive to consider the Human brain to be similar to any other organ say the Pancreas to cure Diabetes.

It is much more complex than that.

dont bet on it, and abuse drugs and get brain damage.

brain damage is for sure.

Oh man, my brain is damaged enough already :unamused:

while a sleep the brain repairs its self, kind of like a recharge

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give it some more time and it will be

what do you mean?

I said be on Meds for a little longer and it will be damaged.

I thought you were going back on meds. My brain suffers more without them, and I ask you please to not turn this thread into your own thread about how meds affect the brain. This is meant as an informative thread on the advances of science on that matter, not yet another thread on how meds are good or bad for you. We all know that crap already, give us a rest


But facts dont change.

Just picture this:

The operation of the Human Mind :----

Trillions of Neurons ALL of them communicating with each other SIMULTANEOUSLY through a complex operation to bring about a particular Thought, Emotion or Perception.

The ONLY clue that Scientists have EVER been able to pin-point is that the Left Brain is responsible for the Reasoning while the Right Brain is responsible for Intuition and Creativity and Emotions.

Imbroiled in this mess are the Neurotransmitters which are the ones which carry the messages across the Trillion Neurons.

You (and me) are taking a chemical which will operate on these Neurotransmitters in God knows what region of the brain (and that too by Shutting down the Neurons).

Effectively we are tampering with the natural biological functioning of the brain which WILL HAVE CONSEQUENCES.

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@saurav1 there is no other way to stop psychosis but to take the medicine/meds

yes, there is no other way except Meds.

To continue from the other thread, I do not believe the brain is the sole arbiter of consciousness, I simply said it is a processer, one of potentially a number, that is necessary in order to interpret reality (visuals, sounds, scent, etc.).

I have hallucinated enough to believe in a seperate domain of consciousness outside of the brain - how it works, I don’t know, but I don’t believe I have a corruption in that area of consciousness (which is what you continue to assert, that people with SZ are messed up deep within as opposed to on the fringes of consciousness).

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