Renew of brain structure


The brain keeps renewing it’s self, new cells grow, new chemicals develop every time in the brain. Even the body renews its self, every thing in the body changes with time. The system is on-going. We all evol. i’m feeling brand new:)



Brain cells never change, never reproduce, and if they die you just lose what ever information was in-stored in it.



the brain renews its self, maybe not new cells,but childhood to teen to adult the brain evols



Actually - the brain is constantly growing and has the ability to change throughout life. Here is a good video on the topic:



thanks for the link i will watch the video, im kind of fascinated by it all



Here is another good one:



I do agree on the fact that the brain is always enhancing it self constantly, and it has the ability to reprogram it self, into changing the personality and behavior, a self development…but most of brain cells don’t reproduce that’s what I meant :wink: thanks for the links, I love watching scientific material.



what i found is the brain is still a mystery in facts about it, what they do know about it is still limited.



they say when you sleep the mind repairs itself, kind of like recharging a battery .



I read somewhere that pregnant women automatically obtain stem cells from their fetus to repair damaged organs when needed. The source of this info was an article I seem to have lost the address to, but it should be Google searchable and it was a very interesting read. Makes me wonder if it works with damaged neurons too.

Mix that gene into a virus and boom! Universal cure-all or zombie apocalypse.



Maybe that’s why women live longer… Lol hey yur sz? Just get pregnant! Can’t wait for that cure to come out



Not sure about that,

I read that running forces brain to create new brain cells.

Not sure if all exercise in general does.

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There is significant neurogenesis in the hippocampus, where most of the damage in schizophrenia appears (both by drugs and by the disease). Not enough in the prefrontal cortex, but the damage there is probably mostly drug-related.
My personal theory is that exercise works through activation of the Nrf2 transcription factor as a reaction to oxidative stress. That would mean that no antioxidants should be taken, and on days without exercise direct activators of Nrf2 like ursolic acid would make sense.

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Also meditating helps with the regrowth of new cells. I meditate half an hour a day, so far i am the same.

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