How much can the brain heal itself

Do u have interesting articles or facts evidence based on this??

I worry about this sometimes like right now

I used to drink quite a bit once per month

I did mdma 6 ??crystals in 2 hours or so, they were like pea sized or so maybe smaller cant remember now

I did nytol overdose sleeping pills

I allowed the psychosis to go on for months and months and then wen I went on ap, the voices didn’t leave for a further two months or so

also concerned of having damaged my blood vessels from binge eating tonnes for many years. I hope its not too late

I hope there are no long term consequences

Its long, boring, and dry. But it answers a lot of questions I had.

I worried about degeneration too, the drugs and the psychosis.

The brain can heal somewhat, and adapt. The important part is not doing any more damage, not doing any more drugs, and keeping on medication to resist psychosis.

All brains lose functionality over time. But there are things like Neuroplasticity training to try to slow that down.



Im gonna study this!!

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It seems physical exercise is the best thing for healing the brain. Lots of research into it, it helps you grow new neurons and promotes lots of good chemicals etc. I have a good recent review of it, I’ll try and did up a link to it for you.

Probably shouldn’t post the pdf because I think it’s under copywrite.


Thanks Unbe… That’s good to know

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To summarize this review found that:

Blood flow improvements only lasted for about 12 hrs
All the other things listed showed steady improvement for as long as any of the reviewed studies ran (Two years).
The long term effects are increased size of parts of the brain, better connectivity and improvement in function in pre-fontal cortex (amongst others).

It focused on human research with animal models used when no human data was available.

It focused on studies aimed at either improving or halting cognitive decline in older persons. I’m guessing cognitive decline from Sz\SzA can be treated in a similar way.

My neuropsychiatrist told me to exercise to save my brain - so I’ve been working out 2-4 times a week for last 6 months and I’m heaps better. Mood, concentration, motivation, big improvement in negatives. Plus all the health benefits to boot.

It really is the magic pill - it’s just actually taking it that is hard.

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Yea its lowered motivation and energy that makes it so hard to consistently do but its worth it if one can do it even if its gentle. Wat kind of excercise have u been doing?

With my negatives I just couldn’t motivate myself to do it. So I got personal trainers. I do cardio, weights, aqua, walking, bit of running - can’t run far. Also took up lawn bowls.

The paper also says Yoga and Dancing are good for the brain.

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I had to make regular appointments with trainers and stick to them. I tried for a few years to motivate myself - but just couldn’t. Plus when I did go for a walk or ride, I couldn’t push myself.

The trainers make me go harder than I want to and even though I don’t like it at the time, I always feel great afterward and look forward to the next session.

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