Lesson for today

“Brains are problematic”


Neurons are advanced and complicated
One example is
A neuron thinks this it the outcome you wany, example neurons think you want som contradiction
Your brain thinks you want opposition from mediocre minds if you understand
Neurons are not supoosed to be like that, their suppossed to flow freely, their realesing something if you understand this is where I begin to think
Neurons is just a word humans have made up for it

Your imagining others therefor your thoughts sounds like theirs

Neurons release a byproduct, that’s not really what i’m trying to do. This is where a healthy brain comes in
A byproduct with nothing inside
It’s a prank
It’s like a present where you have to guess what’s inside.
It’s unconsious
There are two side to your thoughts
The one you don’t know about and the one you know about
This is what you think it is even though you know nothing about it
I’m not really ready for these thoughts

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I honestly have no idea what you’re trying to say.


meds and vitamins and exercise are helping my neurons fire instead of retire.

medically they misfire and it complicates my desire

I think they can regenerate even though they complicate

there number is so astounding and science keep trying till they are founding something that is astounding

Medically they exist and the meds persist to medicate all my negs that make me hesitate and all the positives that make it hard to live

Brains are organs and have problems like other organs so science will always try to solve them rather then abhor them

My lesson today is that it went ok and another one is on its way

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Lol, I get that
Just intellectual “thoughts”