Tears are in my eyes

I’m just so overwhelmed. Everything is scary. People are avoiding me and I’m a nice person. I don’t know what to think. I’m just at my wits end. This is all so frightening. I’m afraid of hell. Please is there anyone out there who can offer words of comfort. I feel like a complete idiot and I wish I didn’t have this awful disability.


Don’t feel like an idiot. I think a good majority of us have been there or are there. Keep hanging on. People are here to listen.


its not ……….its seam that the world has twilight zone it is. I know how it feels

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What kept me going during my worst days where I had a headache so bad I thought I was going to die, for 5 bloody years, on top of vicious SZ symptoms, was morbid curiosity, and dogged persistence. I just wanted to see how bad things could get.

They eventually got better but I had to scrape obscure corners of the web to find better solutions than APs.

I am so sorry you are upset…please tell your psychiatrist about this…they can help.

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You are nice, there are people who still loves you, don’t get upset by people who avoid you. Its called life and it’ll will never be a smooth journey.

I don’t know you, i have a read a couple of you posts, and i really liked them.

I hope you feel better today, all of a sudden it happens for most of us, we stumble in to this:

I sympathize with you, @anongoodnurse. I felt like you do for years and years. I felt like people avoided me and hated me and talked behind my back and treated me like crap for years and years. Then, my pdoc started me on a third AP one year and then miraculously, all of this went away like seeming magic. My hostile world disappeared overnight it seemed. The world turned friendly.

Maybe all you need is a tweak of your meds. Please see your pdoc about it.

Hi @anongoodnurse, I know it doesn’t help to say it’s biochemical when you’re in it :frowning: It’s how you’re feeling and it isn’t easy to step back, but just know we’re all here for you.

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