Horribly Depressed Need Guidance

Since two days ago I’ve been really really depressed where I’m crying for absolutely no apparent reason. I feel disconnected and am hearing alot of voices and see black holes moving around me. How do I make this end?? My meds obviosly need increased. I hope someone can help me with just words.

Hang in there
You’ll get through it

Thank you. Would you have any idea why someone would cry for no apparent reason. The only thing that helps is moving my hands and rocking.

You cry because your not feeling well
The old chemical in the brain
Maybe you need your meds tweaking
Do you take antidepressant
I have suffered really badly with this illness too and although not great I am managing it
So you aren’t alone


I’m not allowed to take antidepressents cause they cause mania but I take two mood stabalizers. Neurontin and Lamictal, high doses too. Also I take the antipsychotic Vraylar its a new drug they came out with last year. It works sometimes ut sometimes it doest

Do u see your psychiatrist soon

Not until Febuary1st I might make an earlier appoitmet

Call your pdoc first of all. And start reading as many Catholic books as you can get your hands on. The older the better. That’s how I healed myself from extremely bad, suicidal depression. I highly recommend it.

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Making earlier appointment might help
How long do these downs last
Hope you go back up soon

I’ve actually never had a down like this before or at all. I’m usually emotionless but now i go back and forth since the last couple days throughout a day between emotionless and emotional. I don’t really get into religion i believe in dimensions and the universe.

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Definitely need meds review

I changed my appointment to Next Tuesday at 9:30 right now.

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Good luck
They will help you


Thankyou for your help I didnt think of calling.

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sorry @mboston117 =( Can you call your doc? or just try to sleep for a while?
I have days like that too sometimes, I try to distract myself.


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Thanks for the hugs :slight_smile: I changed my appointment to next week but I start a new job so I hope it doesn’t interfere. I’m feeling a tiny bit better after I took my meds. I distract myself as well I got paranoid when I went outside so I’m just listening to music now it’s calming me down.


Hope your job goes well though =) good luck

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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dnbradio.com is some great cleaning music to listen too. But if your not in to dnb Pandora some kygo, onerepublic, foggy,blues traveler, thievery corporation, erykah badu, stick figure, telepopmusik, blink, blackmill, or blind melon

Well it’s taken me 11 years to realize that during times like that there is really only 2 options.

  1. go on an antidepressant and wait for it to kick in and pull you out of it


  1. do everything you can to distract yourself from your feelings and keep yourself alive until the episode passes (if you don’t think you can keep yourself alive it’s hospital time)
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