Tea and improved sleep

I just woke up, but I must say I slept excellently. Could this have something to do with tea I drank last night? I had not had any tea for many years, but yesterday I decided to buy some Lipton Russian Earl Grey tea and some honey. I made tea and put some honey in it. And then I started sleeping after taking my meds, and I slept very well eight hours without waking up at all during the night. Could it have been tea I had that made me to sleep better?

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Its possible, also honey helps with sleep. Try it again if you notice improvement than you have found those 2 combinations that helps you sleep. Yesterday i ate 1 tea spoon of honey and at night i went to bed early, but sometimes honey doesn’t help me at all, or if it does, it doesn’t combat with the severity of my insomnia.

I tried how honey helps with sleep and it is true, I took one big spoon of honey in the Sunday and Saturday evening and my sleep was much better, surprisingly. I never knew this earlier.

It could have been the tea or honey