I have insomnia

why? took another dose of meds to be sure. Fack.


I don’t know if you like hot drinks

but I swear by sleepytime tea

it tastes pretty good too, not bitter at all

insomnia is actually a mental illness

I didn’t know that until I was inpatient

I mentioned it to a friend

and he assumed the stupidest person on earth

“Well, yeah, of course it’s mental illness.”

Yeah, I love sleepy time tea. If you have a Trader Joes market in your area, their well rested tea (used to be called bedtime tea) is pretty good too.


What I meant was I met people on the ward with it

They had to be admitted

Sleepytime will put me out better than ambien

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Part of insomnia can be serious sleep apnea

(Not sure how to spell that)

You should never sleep anywhere instantly in a car that is running

Sleep studies are common with the mask

All insurances cover it

I’ll try not to take it personally

I have nothing to motivate me to get into a normal sleep routine, so i just sleep anytime. Woke up at 12:30am today.

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I eventually got sleep. I took my meds at 5 am in case I forgot to take them and slept.

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I have insomnia too.
I usually go to sleep at 3am. I might take a Melatonin tonight.