Getting my first tattoo tonight!

I’m getting my first tattoo tonight. I’m super excited, but I want to be prepared. I’ve been reading a lot about aftercare stuff, but figured I’d ask all of you if you have any advice! I have to go shopping for supplies beforehand, so I want to get an idea of what sorts of things I need. I can always send my friend to the store after if I end up needing something else.

It’s going to be about 6 inches and going on my right forearm, if that makes any difference. With it still being a bit chilly and wearing jackets regularly, will I need a bandage or whatever if I’m wearing a jacket that’s kind of fitted on my arm? Am I better off just skipping the jacket and dealing with it for a few weeks? (It’s not going to be so cold that it’s actually that big of a deal since I’m not really outside that often.)

Here’s the first draft of the tattoo. He’ll have 9 balloons and a red shirt, though.


Good luck,

Sounds very exciting :slight_smile:

Also im digging the pic so far !!


I have 11, and these days I’m going to have my 12th


I hope it goes well for you!


Looks great!

A very meaningful tattoo I think you’ll really enjoy having.

I don’t have any tattoos myself, so I can’t offer any advice in the way of after care,

But I’m sure your artist will tell you everything you need to know.

Good luck tonight!


I use Lubriderm lotion on my tattoos.
Good luck @LED!
That tattoo looks very nice!


I used Zam-Buk ointment as aftercare for my tattoo.


Good old vaseline smeared on it will work wonders, you dont need any fancy creams. And dont pick the scabs off! - let them drop off, or you will take the ink with it.

Just keep it moist for the first few days and dont let it dry out - and yes when its healing, it will itch.


I used tattoo goo. Be careful, they are very addicting. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Listen to what your artist says for aftercare or they may refuse to do touch-ups.
My artist:
Keep bandage on overnight.
Keep out of shower water until quickly washing with Dove unscented soap with ONLY the palm of your hand with some light pressure. Don’t let shower spray on it, splash to get water soap off. Wash like this (in or out of shower) twice a day. The dove soap makes it feel so much better. Dry with clean paper towels
Apply VERY THIN layer of ‘Polysporin Triple Protection’ for 3 days.
After that just leave it be. When it gets dry and itchy apply THIN layer Lubriderm lotion, unscented.
Do not pick peeling skin or scabs at all. Ever.
*** That’s from written instructions from my artist that I have here. I should have just taken a picture of it.
But do what your artist says.



Oh I know! Ive been tempted to get another angel on my right arm - but ive been resisting. My arms are bloody skinny as well, so i only use the polish girl at the shop down the end of the road - cos she did a good job on the last few.

Mines quite reasonable, i thought, about 50 quid an hour, and shes a bloody good artist too. I like mine to be original - not out the catalogue.

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I already have my next 2 planned. Lol if I could afford it I would have sooooo many! :joy::rofl:


Wow looks beautiful ---- just try and keep it moist, seems like with all my tattoos everyone has a different opinion on what to do to take care of it …cover it up
Treat it like an open wound - lotion and Neosporin is usually what people say, but I dunno everyone has their preference …


You need to get a and d ointment and apply a small amount for about a week. Your tattoo will start to peel after that. That’s when you need to start using unscented lotion every day.

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well good for you !! I am too afraid of having a tattoo that one day if ever delusional I might try to remove it with a knife or something scary like that…so no tattoos for me…I’m liking your tattoo artwork…did you do that yourself??


Aftercare is so important.

It’s expensive but the best cream I have used is Hustle Butter.

Be careful and don’t put too much on it whatever you choose to use.

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Wow. Very cool design. Good for you and hope it comes out awesome…


You really need to follow the after care instructions your artist gives you. They are the one who will have to touch it up if it doesn’t heal right.

I’ve been tattooed by three different artists, and they all had different recommendations.

The artist who has done most of my work is a bit of minimalist when it comes to aftercare, but I’ve come up with my own routine for aftercare, having ten tattoos already.

I wash a healing tattoo at least twice a day with warm water and plain liquid Dial. I do a final rinse with cold water when I wash it. After washing it gently, using just my fingers, no washcloth or loofa, I pat it dry with a towel, don’t want to wipe it with the towel. Once it’s completely dry I apply plain unscented lotion, then once that is completely dry I very sparingly apply A+D ointment, or one time i bought Tattoo Goo to put on it.

You don’t want stuff rubbing on it, so the more you can wear short sleeves in the case of a forearm tattoo, the better.

It might get itchy while it’s healing, but I cannot stress enough: DO NOT SCRATCH IT OR PICK AT IT! The dead skin is going to fall off, but don’t peel it, let it fall off naturally.

After about two weeks or so it will be healed.


Oh yeah, I should add that the tattoo is going to look like ■■■■ for part of the healing period, so be expecting that, don’t be alarmed by it.


After the first 24 hours make sure to lotion it every day or it will ruin I’d suggest a perfume free lotion,
make sure to let it breathe or it’ll get infected and it’ll ruin the tattoo
also don’t forget to wash it GENTLY every day after 24 hours don’t rub it instead pat it when washing and drying, depending how big it is it may lose a bit of ink but it’ll still look good,
don’t pick at it no matter how bad it itches while healing I’ve gotten 4 tattoos and know they can be very itchy and for me the bigger it is the more itchy it is
After several weeks it will start to scab if it’s big let the scab come off by it’s self or you might pull out ink and it’ll ruin it
BTW it looks like it’ll be a good tattoo, good luck and remember to breathe while you’re getting it idc if you curse and they shouldn’t mind if you curse either mine never do at least just breathe

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