Tasks of everyday living

Who here has difficulty with them beyond the issue of motivation? This is one area meds don’t seem to help.
How much mine is down to mental illness, or the dyspraxia and/or non verbal learning disorder I almost certainly have ,but can’t get a diagnosis for, is anyone’s guess.
Either way ,as has been mentioned by me several times, I struggle with manual and practical tasks and organising and planning(executive functioning).
A prime example is my not being able to fit a fluorescent tube despite it apparently being easy according to other people. I think most people think if you are not physically disabled why can’t you do such tasks? But some of us struggle with such things despite not being physically disabled. It’s frustrating that a lot of people don’t realise we have very real difficulties. There’s a great deal of ignorance about such things.

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those tubes can be tricky sometimes, i am not in the same boat but due to anxiety issues i am no longer able to cut my mums front lawn :frowning: its a shame bc the council only do it so often and the neighbours have helped and they must think i am a lazy sod, i mean i look ok on the surface but if something is too physically demanding i just cant cope with it, the anxiety just floors me doing that so i hope my sister or one of her kids can do it, its not fair i was left to cut it all the time anyway.

i find it hard keeping on top of house work and getting things for the flat as well but i am keeping on top of it just now (kind of)

When I lived in places with a garden I used to mow the lawn. I prefer the old fashioned non motorised mowers.