Any others who struggle with even simple things?

I struggle with even the simplest things

Like today I was supposed to sort out recycling and get dressed and go out and phone a mental health social worker. But could barely do it by myself. My sweet dear husband had to coax me to get dressed and helped me sort out recycling and get me into car.

Without him I don’t think I would have gotten anything done.

Still haven’t phoned my social worker

I struggle with basic things like grooming, hygiene, cleaning house, getting dressed every day - even if I don’t go out. And making phone calls or socialising. Even shopping sometimes

Why is it so hard? Do normal people struggle like this with even basic tasks? Any of you also struggling with daily things? Is it part of sz/sza/depression? Or just laziness?


I struggle to make phone calls, pay bills (even if I have the money), make food unless it’s instant, grocery shopping and shopping in general ( I just freeze up or get stressed).
and other stuff.

That’s when my negative symptoms are bad. But I’m not always like that.

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I have trouble just getting to the store. You’re lucky you have a husband. It’s difficult for me to do everything I need to do.

I feel exactly the same

I have problems with basic tasks. It was worse when I was on Invega. I let my house get awful. Now I have less negatives and am fighting to gain control again.

It’s hard, but if you can get on a better med it may help.


I struggle with some things. Not too much. I manage to stay on top of the house with help from my partner. I do shower every other day. I don’t mind food shopping.

I think my biggest problem is not these so called “negative symptoms” but physical. I have a heart leak and get breathless easily. So going up and down the stairs doing chores is problematic.

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Yes, I struggle with those things too. It sucks. Now my life is simple enough that I don’t have to cope with very much, but there are a few things.

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I really struggle with making, rescheduling, and canceling appointments over the phone.

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I used to struggle even before I got sz. I think it was because I had a really bad diet. I ate very much the same things. And very much fastfood and junk. When the body doesen’t get the nutrition it needs things start to malfunction, like logical thinking, energy levels and communication.

I am a lot better off now that I started eating more veggies, fruits and whole meats, more varied and supplementing with vitamins++

I struggle with practical stuff… Was self neglecting at my previous address ,though I didn’t realise it at the time.

This article explains things well.

Same here, but I blame myself for being lazy and faking sz.

You think you faked sz?

I thought many times I faked sza too. Must probably be the lack of insight that comes with the illness.

I don’t think I’ve got sz, my symptoms are very mild or perhaps non-existent, but I do have some unusual beliefs. I don’t trust myself.

That could be it, but I feel too lucid for that.

I don’t trust myself either…

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A bunch of us struggle with maintaining some of the basics. There is an unmotivated club here:

It’s normal for sz affected people to struggle like this. I’m the same and I’m only 25!

It wrecks your immune or central nervous system by the looks of things.

You struggle to get energy out of the above.

It must be why we have the symptoms - the body is continuously trying to fight the defective programming or something?

It’s very common for people with mental health prone body to be affected by fatigue.

You have to do, even with the fatigue. Make yourself do stuff without thinking, and don’t judge yourself when you do things, be it make a phone call or address an attendant in a shop.

You will appear however you will to others; lazy or not!

Put your mind onto completing the next task and before you know it. You’ve managed to do at least some tasks. And when there’s more time. You have managed ALL the tasks!

Don’t lose heart and don’t worry about being seen or called or suggested to be considered “lazy”. Because you are not lazy, you are dealing with a very dehabilitating condition that could at any moments notice relapse into psychosis. Your body needs the energy to prevent this!

It is a disease or medical condition by all means!

Best wishes,

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If you need a laugh, I used to be able to run wiring for, and setup servers and software for 20,000 people in an enterprise company. I can also wire in a PBX phone system. That’s operating at a pretty high level. However, I can’t use a blessed PBX phone system to save my soul. Everyone I’ve ever worked with knows not to let me transfer a call as I always manage to disconnect the other party.

Just … frig.

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