POLL: which of the following do you struggle with, on this ability list (from the social security administration disability office)?

which of the following do you struggle with?
    • dressing
    • bathing
    • taking medicine
    • preparing meals
    • feeding self
    • doing chores
    • driving or using public transport
    • shopping
    • managing money
    • walking
    • standing
    • lifting objects
    • using arms
    • using hands or fingers
    • sitting
    • seeing, hearing, speaking
    • concentrating
    • remembering
    • understanding and following directions
    • completing tasks

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Nothing on this list. I’m still challenged and intimidated by personal interactions.

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i was overly bent on saying i struggled with a lot of em. like, if i lack motivation to take a shower, i say i struggle with taking showers. even though i’m pretty functional when i do take showers.

i think most everyone here could check everything on the list, when they are full blown psychotic.


I’m surprised that many people here do not struggle with bathing.

i think more actually do struggle, it’s just that they assumed because they are functional when they shower, that they say they dont struggle with it. but they have the same motivation issues i have and such. @zeno


I struggle with a lot of things but ultimately manage to do them. It interferes with my life enough that i need help and can’t work but im able to take care of myself overall.

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good point 1515151515

Can’t drive
Difficulty getting to places due to poor sense of direction
Remembering to take meds
Social difficulties- difficulty starting F2F conversation,social communication at classic autism level(not related to verbal ability which is very high)
Adaptive functioning significantly < than intelligence level(applicable to many, but not all, with ASD)

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wow, def seeing that a lot of skitzes struggle with negative symptoms. I think sarcosine is the one thing we have for the concentration, motivation, cognition stuff, right?
social impairment should prob be up there. I can fake it fine, i used my time at university to watch how people interacted in classroom settings and learned to mimic their expressions and tone of voice, etc…it is very exhausting and drains me of energy to interact, but people tell me i dont come off as awkward or whatev, but that is just my acting abilities lol

i was looking at some books for adhd in adults and another book executive functioning, but didnt finish either (darn you, lack of concentration!). it was about using a worksheet style program to improve executive functioning but i didnt read much. wish there were more med and non-med ways to treat negative symptoms.

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where is the option for filling in forms ? i have difficulty with that

it is like they think we all have physical problems

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I struggle with a lot of those, but not because of sz.

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In the UK it can be as much or more about presenting your case well than the actual care needs you have. Also heavily weighted in favour of physical disabilities . Reflects attitudes towards mental illness that are still seen as minor/less genuine compared to physical disability.

i understand that mental illness is different than physical disabilities. but a lot of the physical problems will show up if you have mental problems, if you think a lot about each example in the list. i have a mental problem, but it affects almost all the things in the list, for example. or the large majority of 'em.

And you’re a salesman?

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