Why Staying Organized Is a Struggle as Someone With Learning Disabilities

Oh boy can I relate to this one! I really struggle with organising and planning . Doing multi step tasks is hard. At my last address I was living in a mess because I would get overwhelmed trying to work out how to proceed with tasks and let things slide. Thankfully my wonderful stepdaughter sorted out help when I came to live here.

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Recently i noticed that mental work or activitie is getting me exhausted in five minutes into it. I talked to my pier for an hour…cleaned at work for three hours…and in the evening my mum read me my daily horoscope and i was just.not capable if taking it in…i could not even.listened to her for a minute.

I just wish I could be as organized at home as I am at work. I seem to use up all of my “brain juice” at work and then I come home and melt in front of Netflix.


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