Tapping the brain

“We’re not who we are. We’re not who we are. We’re not who we are.” - x-files episode

I got tapped man. They’re in my head. Several spirits and “gods” later upon numerous external and physical happenings and it’s quite clear, not the to mention some interdimensional things being opened to my mind.

I got tapped, to make it even more clear this guy shows up right after my “psychosis” and taps my brain right there in front of me. They can just tap your brain and do things to/with it.

This place is ■■■■■■■ insane. Earth is just a crazy shithole.

Everyone goes “you have a disease, you have a disease, you have a disease, you have a disease.” A ■■■■■■■ metnal illness can’t bend your spine backward man and then say to you that you need to show their children more respect.

Nde’s, future seeing and ■■■■, living proof of the creation of earth, gods and spirits showing up, being physically harmed numerous occasions, ■■■■■■■ ufos and greys, weird arse clock ■■■■■■■■ that keeps happening.

Yeah the dopamine is a factor big ■■■■■■ woop. Doesn’t mean it’s what you are saying it is. If your brain was being ■■■■■■ with then your brain would obviously be involved huh, doesn’t take a genius to know that ■■■■.

■■■■ all of this! ■■■■ it! Seriously what the ■■■■ is this place anyway but a bunch of crazy ■■■■ that happens over and over again, it’s just pain, boredom and death and evil ■■■■.

And god is some kind of lunatic man, dude really has to be evil, no way around that ■■■■.

Maybe god doesn’t exist and it’s all a bit ‘survival of the fittest’. Maybe there’s a parallel spirit world that also follows the survival of the fittest principle, and maybe there isn’t.

I wish I knew. All I know is it starts with the RIGHT meds, constant contact with medical staff, and the rest might work out somehow.

You’re an intelligent guy pans, but your current med regime doesn’t sound like it’s helping 100%. Maybe you’re treatment resistant, but maybe you’re not.


Are you on meds right now? Are you receiving any sort of treatment?