My delusions

For all of the normal folks that peek in at us, must be fun for them.

My delusions weren’t me, that was them. I thought some crazy things during psychosis but they showed me it was just them. They can be in your mind somehow, make you think things, make you percieve things.

They can do alot with the mind, speak to it, make it percieve and think things, affect the visual centers to make you see things, auditory is in the brain, it’s all in the brain and they can screw with it.

One time they made it so blatantly obvious it was rediculous, i wonder why they tell me sometimes. I was outside and thought “im jesus”, it felt like me, i had no idea why i thought it. But just a second after thinking it they said “see, thats how we do that to people.”

And when they even physically harm you twice while appearing visually then it’s really really obvious, one of these instances even left two marks on my hand for awhile. The first instance was a shock of what appeared to be electricity, the second was burning on my hand, both times someone appeared visually.

Im not saying who, how, or why, im just saying this is no disease at all. We have a problem sure, but not the problem they tell you, it was someone, not something wrong with the brain. Someone in the brain is what it is.

And almost all of my visuals are also seen by shaman and have been for thousands of years, from every place and time, im not the only one seeing these things.

They’ll never find the cause of this problem when they think of it as a disease in the brain, it’s not bumps on the head or drugs or traumas or genetics, none of that stuff. No, you have to look at this problem as if it were conscious if you want to find the cause of it.

It might be “unusual”, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

My delusions were always based on things I literally remembered happening, still remember.

It wasn’t just that I woke up one day and decided I’d been tortured and sadistically trained in crime in a new jersey warehouse and then put on a ship to north Africa. It’s that I literally remembered all this happening to me.

This was a toughy as it’s far more difficult to convince oneself that things you actually remember didn’t happen as opposed to other forms of false beliefs.

Finally, a good topic. I think they’re body controlling creatures too. I also think they can control everyone. I have saying they’re in the brain, becuz I think that’s how they will brainwash you. They’re like sociopaths, if I even know what that is. Schizophrenia’s a real bitch. I think discovering the body creature is what makes you get schizophrenia. Its just them trying to brainwash you. They always use moods and psychology. HMU man, maybe you got an email or something.