Tapering Risperdal, some old problems coming back

Not delusions or hallucinations, but more like emotional volatility and OCD/addictive behaviors. Like chugging large quantities of coffee and staying up all night playing video games, problems I thought I had licked years ago.

To keep me from relapsing my doctor has put me on Abilify, which seems to be ‘energizing’ for lack of a better term. I’ve also started on Strattera for ADHD. It helps that well enough, but I wonder if it might be contributing to the obsessive behavior. I’ve also tried to cut out Paxil.

The reason I’m doing all this is that my weight has gotten completely out of control and I’m now pre-diabetic. Gotta do something.

Is this withdrawal from Risperdal and/or Paxil, or side effects of the new drugs?

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I’ve recently lowered my Risperdal dose and I suffered with terrible withdrawals.
Lots of irritability