Talking to yourself

Anybody, when you were in psychosis, did you talk to yourself? It was as if my voices and thoughts were forced out of my mouth. If so being fully medicated (invega trenza myself) do the voices ever still do it in short bursts when no one is around?


Yes, when no one is around
I have conversations with my voices,
or with my self out loud


My voices were like more thought based, i was like talking with someone in my head. But yeah talking to yourself can be a sign of psychosis

I used to talk to myself…a lot. Proper conversations that involved partially fictitious people. It was like an urge that i couldn’t ignore. Now that i’m on medication, i don’t talk to myself anymore.

Yes when no one was around. I did it the whole day.

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For the first few months in psychosis I was speaking out loud to my voices. I felt like I didn’t have enough room in my head to speak to them internally. I found it helped too when I heard my own inner voice change into someone else’s. I’m unmedicated, so I can’t speak to what meds might do to counteract this.

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welcome to the forum @Corian

i used to talk to my voices too… but now on the right meds i don’t have many voices anymore.

Thanks for the replys guys, good to know makes me feel more normal. Lekkerhondje thanks for the welcome and what was the right medication for you? Im on the highest dose of invega but would be scared to switch if I fell into another psychosis. I do still get voices but waaay less than psychosis but my doc said that was normal for some people. Pretty much all of then are in my head but every now and then some break through and are outloud

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the meds that work for me is 2 weekly jab of risperdal consta 50mg and 200mg clozapine a day and 50mg sertraline a day… that combo works for me.

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I try to avoid it so my neighbours won’t think I’m insane. But then again, these days when people are talking on their devices with a earplug they are kind of walking around babbling for themselves. Maybe it’s not so easy to know which is what :relaxed:

@lekkerhondje how are your side effects? I get a decent amount of voices still at over 800mg of invega trenza injectable but I also have a lot of side effects and would be scared to add more.

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I stop talking to myself during psychosis. That’s one of the red flags that something is wrong because I otherwise talk to myself pretty regularly. I go near mute in psychosis.

i have some side effects like not having much motivation, having to keep moving (restless legs)… so i pace around a lot and i rock back and forth on a chair. My cognition has gotten worse too.
I gotta pee a lot, and sometimes when i don’t pee enough i pee my pants but i use a pad for it.
I also drool a lot at night.

Yeah, then the voices thought me I could speak telepathically. I was mumbling like a proper nutter…

The voices I heard were inside my head and I had the conversations with them inside my head.

I never spoke out loud talking to myself, and the voices never sounded like they where external.

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