I need to talk to someone about my voices


I feel like there aren’t many people in my life who are genuinely interested in hearing about my voices and the things they say.
The few people who do seem interested, also seem like they’re afraid they might trigger something or offend me by asking about it, despite me never having given them a reason to have those beliefs.

I finally feel like I’m at a point in my life where the voices allow me to talk about them, but there’s not really anyone to hear what I have to say.
My pdoc is there to discuss medication and general symptoms, my home guide is there for structure and supportive talks, and my friends… I don’t want to burden them with it. They’re not mental health professionals, and they can’t make the voices go away, so why should I worry them by talking to them about it? They don’t tell me every time they have a negative feeling/thought either.

I got to talk about it a little with the employees at the psych ward, but I wasn’t ready then.
I am now.

Would anyone be willing to, either by PM or in this thread, help me get it out? Maybe ask some questions about it to help me put it into words?
It can be anything from “what are their names?” to "how do they affect you?"


Hi I think this is the best place to start as we all know how it feels! Is your medication not helping?


It’s helping as much as it can. It’s the best one I’ve been on so far (Invega 6mg), but it doesn’t remove the voices completely, it just dulls/quiets them down and makes them fade into the background.


Shame I don’t know what to say !!! I know how it feels. Sorry


It can be rough not being able to discuss things that are important to you. One of the big problems of being single, sometimes you just need to get it out to someone who undestands


Are they demanding voices or they commentate about you? Are you religious?


They comment and make demands, but I don’t do as they say very often.
I’m not religious, but if I had to pick a religion, I guess I mostly identify with buddhism.

Before I was medicated, I thought the evil one of my voices, Mia, was a separate soul stuck in my body alongside mine, and that she’d come from a twin I believed to have absorbed when I was a fetus.

I know now she’s just a product of my brain.


Do any of the voices sound like people you may know in real life or have similar personalities?


How many voices do you have?


I used to have three, but it feels like one of them have disappeared, so I guess I have two at the moment.


When I have them, they scream at me, do yours scream or just normal level?


Now that I’m stable and medicated, they talj normally. One of them sneers a bit, but at a normal to low volume.
If I’m stressed or sleep-deprived, they get louder. And if when my previous medicines stopped doing their job and I got stressed at the same time, right before my last trip to the psych ward, they would yell at me until I either did what they asked or took enough Seroquel to calm them down.


Yeah the more I was stressed or tired the louder they would be, I have to be in pretty bad shape to hear voices, meds usually look after it, do you think your voices attack your weaknesses? I know mine did

I also hear noises still like someone knocking on a door or window, but no one is


I definitly think they, especially the evil one, prey on my weaknesses.
She’s very quick to point out any mistake I make.


I often wonder if its guilt or fear that creates the voices, like I hate the sound of someone knocking at my door, and here I am hearing it when no one is really there.


I feel like mine are there because my brain felt it was easier to handle if my insecurities and “forbidden” thoughts came from someone else, like the voices.
I also feel like they might have come from a need to express feelings I don’t feel allowed to have.


What sort of things do you feel you should not have? (if not to personal)

I know for me, guilt over things I did when young, certainly fuel the fire


Self-blame, low confidence, anger, sadness, frustration, etc.
Feelings I was raised to believe should be controlled and kept hidden.


Ah yeah, my parents beat up my self esteem till there was none, and I’m wondering now with the abuse if they brought on the SZ.

I think voices bring all this out, funny how the brain can create such a cruel creature


Do you feel insecure because of your voices? Do they make you feel angry? I heard in all my life 300 different voices, In some point I was afraid to think some stuff because I thought they would laugh at me. If you need someone to talk about voices that one could be me, I always ignore my voices and they became friendly with me, I dont know why…but sometimes they insult me again…what do the voices tell you? What do you want to talk about your voices?