How many people talk back to their voices?

I used to work with a schizophrenic who talked back to the voices and it sounded like he was talking to himself. How common is talking back to the voices?

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When I first began taking antipsychotics I was talking to myself, but I haven’t since those early months on the drugs.

The very worst of my episodes in the midst of one of the worst winters to hit my region in recorded history was preceded by talking to myself, a lot, just not when I believed anyone was around. I thought the world was coming to an end at the time.

I’ll occasionally, though have not been experiencing voices, give them a retort in my mind, when the content is especially disturbing or insulting which the content generally is. I’ve been living sanely for maybe four months now but am growing concerned about that stuff coming back.

I do this from time to time… They’re finally getting quieter…

I’m sort of stressed today though… Keeps it coming back.

(When I do talk to them I try and make it sound like things are actually talking to me that people can’t hear… Like to make the world a bit more mysterious.)

I talk with the entities often, when they are present. When I am not doing well in general, I will often be up all night pacing and talking to them (which looks like talking to myself). I have been “busted” many times talking to myself when I didn’t realize other people were around / could hear me, because I was so absorbed in what was going on inside of my head. Those moments are always super awkward.

When I am alone, sometimes I yell back at them a bit. Most of the time, I will say things under my breath to them and not realize it until afterwards. However, in public places, I respond in my mind or not at all. Sometimes it is pointless to respond, for you just give them fuel.

yes…i talk 24/7…to my alien.
mostly quietly to myself…these days :scream:
take care :alien:

I catch myself every now and then but I try not too.

I’ve always talked to myself out loud. But I’ve never heard voices.

I do sometimes, and sometimes I echo them too.

Sometimes I do. Especially under stress. If people react I tell them I think out loud. Get best answers when answering my own questions.