Talking to people on the TV

I know it’s not real but I still catch myself. I feel like I’m communicating with them through space and time. Lol I laugh at myself out loud and I’ve done the math and it’s impossible. Unless I’m the center of the universe or something. Which is impossible. But since I’m conscious as myself seems possible. But improbable. Do you guys get stuck in these loops and rabbit holes? I wonder why it happens.
I think kind thoughts to the person on TV and they look to their right if they agree and left if they disagree, or they pause as if thinking about what I thought to them. I know it’s not real and it’s distracting but what if it was, what if there’s like another level to existence and the weird hypothetical communication is happening. But nah, it’s not. Just putting this out in case anybody else thinks they’re the center of the universe delusion is real or whatever. Idk. Just posting.
Edit: I don’t wanna add onto your delusion but if you already experience this isn’t it weird how it doesn’t go away even when you know it’s impossible? Wild. Do you have weird ingrained delusions that won’t go away? Idk I like hearing about people’s delusions it makes me feel ok about sz

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Probably just my way of coping with utter anonymity in the world and the knowledge that I am a grain of sand.

Sigh. There’s nothing like negative symptoms to make you miss positive symptoms

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