Talk to me!

I’m sipping rum and coke and want to talk…anything you want to talk about? I’m listening to rock music and want some convo…do you do drugs? do you smoke weed? do you think your stable, if not, why? all things we could talk about…let’s talk !!

Listening to some from electronic to dark ambient, but I’m not sure if I’ll keep playing this album or not. There is a site I go to called that with a free account lets you listen to full length CD’s, if you really like them you can purchase them. I’ve ordered quite a few. It sparks creativity in me. I love being able to hear the whole album, full length songs and not just 30 second clips before deciding if I want to buy them or not, and you can listen to them more than once! It’s a great music site if you like underground dark ambient music.

I’ve been battling a bit of psychosis today, Earlier I was fighting hallucinations of fingers, dozens and dozens of fingers trying to grab at me. No hands, no bodies, just fingers. It made my skin crawl and made me very uneasy. Then that went into a moment where I had that crowded room noise going on for a while. I had to forego family TV time and sit in my room in the quiet for a while. But I needed the alone time.

Now I’m just feeling depressed about my life and feel like I have no direction…trying to distract my thoughts by keeping busy on the computer. I’m gonna take a minute and take my meds though, hopefully they kick in rather quickly tonight.

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sorry you are going through such a rough patch !! dark ambient music sounds soothing…right now I’ve got ZZ Top playing and it’s not dark at all…you make me want to put some depeche mode on…hold I’m going to turn it on spotify…there, that’s better…now I feel like I’m on your page…thank you for talking to me…feel free to write me, I need friends to talk to…sorry about the “fingers” grabbing you…that sounds eerie…

well, this was a waste of time…going to bed…

Sorry I wasn’t around, my medications kind of kicked in giving me a boost of concentration and I sat back and watched a movie on Netflix I’d been wanting to watch. I’ve seen it once before but I don’t mind watching some movies over again, especially movies like this, seeing it a second or third time might help you see things you might have missed the first time around.

My mood has gotten better too, just sitting back, relaxing, and watching a movie by myself really calmed me down a lot. Took my mind off things in my head because I had to focus on the story. I love getting myself lost in movies…as long as I can bring myself back out of it when the movie is done it can be a fun trip.

My drug of choice is alcohol. The med’s have made me immune to a lot of drugs. I’ve snorted heroin, done excstasy, smoked crack, snorted powder cocaine, and taken acid, and none of these drugs got me high. I’m sure I didn’t get ripped off by the people who sold me the drugs. I’ve done methamphetamine, too. Alcohol doesn’t feel as good to me as it used to. The med’s have cut way down the amount I can drink. Haldol decoate was the drug that did this. The tablet form of Haldol didn’t have this effect. I’ve been off Haldol decoate for well over ten years, and this effect hasn’t gone away. Now I am taking Geodon and Seroquel for my mental health.

hi michael. well i gave up drugs ten years ago. i’ve had the occasional puff since but it just doesn’t do it for me anymore and i’m glad tbh. music? i used to love everything but now there r some people i avoid listening to as i find them triggering. xxx

Drugs are usually bad, mmkay.

oh a terrible epidemic of meth ripped through a circle of friends i used to play magic with.

I don’t do drugs. They turn me into the “stereotypical schizophrenic”. I’m pretty sure that if i experimented with some of the drugs I had done in my hay day, there would be no coming back for me.

Lets talk about movies. I just watched ‘Bad Words’. It was enjoyable, I would watch it again.

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Oh good movies , i watched two oddball movies the other day, “Citadel” and “Absence” Good movies, a little geared on the horror side, what do you guys think about the different genres, what are you favorites.
I have a ton of Scary movies qued right now,
and on this new computer my brother gave me he said he left like 40gbs of movies on it which i haven’t found yet.
-should probably just call him-
be well

Mussel here…

have had a couple of beers.

I know the anxiety’s gone when I begin texting everyone I know from rehab and making plans…for tomorrow night…get the old rehab crew together for a good two hundred dollar bash.

That’s two hundred dollars worth of candy mind you, I like the cinnamon hot tamales myself :smile:

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I personally am terrible at scary movies, but I love them. That person literally screaming in the theatre? Oh yeah, that’s me.

I usually go for something light hearted like a comedy, or I’ll go for a good documentary.

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I decided i like documentary

much more :confused: i had a bad dream.

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