Whats on your mind ?..part 1

im just having a few beers now enjoying the last of the summer

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I’m just sitting out on the back porch with my parents dogs drinking my coffee and smoking my cigarettes. Yikes I’ve gotta quit smoking these cigarettes. Listening to the wind rustling the leaves in the trees and just trying to enjoy a nice day.

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I am reading this thread and thinking about what I am posting right now. Now I’m thinking I should add something else, because this post is kind of short… is this rude? I don’t know.

Hey, I’m no Joyce or Faulkner.

didn’t last long summer did it?

Just waking up. Skipped therapy today. I want to attend when the doctor is there and I only have one day left. Played halo last night for the first time in a while. Feeling better on my new meds.


Just based on your short post, I’d say you’re sounding better too! :smiley:

With all the talk about summer, it got me thinking about winter which we in South Africa are experiencing. It’s gone by so quick and spring is almost here. I’m gonna miss the winter, it’s been too short. It’s only August, but today was as warm as summer, the flowers in the fields are out, and the people were on the beach in their bathing suits and I was wearing a jersey, wishing it would be colder…

I just had a glass of good South African wine. I’ve gone to bed in the meantime and this will be my last post from my cell phone before dozing of to sleep. Tomorrow I’m going to the movies. I’ve got a movie club card and Tuesdays is always halfprice.

wondering what to do about my meds. haldol has turned me into a zombie, ie: no housework. it’s depressing me big time. thinking of going back on depixol. it does ■■■■ for voices but at least i could do things. i need a bath but i have a house full of teenage boys and my bedroom door doesn’t close properly. i’ve been up since 4.30am and i’m tired. all i have done today is watch music videos and drop my kids places, my son is currently eating rustlers because i don;t have the motivation to cook tonight. i feel bad, useless and helpless today. :frowning:

I’m sitting in my apartment getting buckets ready because it is raining and my roof leaks. In about an hour I will go to the clubhouse and get next week’s medications. I am wondering when I can move out of assisted living into public housing. I have to clear it with my brother because he is my legal guardian.

I am Dying, Egypt, Dying…

Yes the summer seemed to go by so quickly for me.

My cat woke me up six times last night.

You ever have these moments where you feel just so thoroughly sick of yourself?

know exactly how that feels right now, mussel xxx

Bought a Sony 8GB USB stick for A$21, successfully burnt the ISO of Linux Mint 17 onto it, and able to boot and offered the option to install (in Chinese).
Great! Currently I am not going to install it any further. Prefer to keep my Windows XP client.

I am listening to some rockin’ hillbilly music called BR-549, an old honky tonk record I listen to…if you look these guys up listen to their debut album only, it’s the only good one but man it’s really good. Done in 50’s style honky tonk style. anyways, I’m waiting for Angela to get home any minute and getting ready to go to walmart for food.

If you opt to install, the installation manager will partition your hard drive to preserve Windows, and you can dual boot your machine (Windows and Linux).

Just got home from work. Rough day. Rough commute. I see the dentist tonight at 5:45 for a deep cleaning of my gums. The hygienist actually, not the dentist himself.

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Right now I’m trying to read through the posts, but my concentration is shotty this afternoon. I’m thinking I should be out in the living room watching TV with my parents. I’m thinking I should be working on my writing. Part of me wants to go over to and play some games for a while, part of me wants to flip on my TV and find something to watch by myself.

I’m listening to some music on the stream service RDIO, a new age mediation CD and it’s making me what to shut everything off and sit in bed and meditate for a few hours. I’m also tempted to open itunes and continue adding the albums/artists I own into my RDIO and Rhapsody music libraries so I can stream them easier when I’m not in front of my computer…like when I go up to Chicago at the end of the month and I’m using my tablet instead of the computer…

currently in my head:
**So much to do, can’t decide what to do…continue, reading the posts on this site because if I only comment on threads I create then people may think I’m self-absorbed. But I don’t want to comment on something simply for the sake commenting on something…if I don’t know what to say then isn’t the best thing to keep my mouth shut? What if I’m not posting enough? What if I just want to take a couple days off and not post anything? Will the make me leave? What if no one likes me on the site?

I should make a blog post, but I don’t know where to start. I should work on my story, but I have so much noise in my head I don’t know if I’d be able to focus on decent writing. Oo maybe I should I open Kindle and read for awhile…but I can’t even focus on reading on the Schizophrenia forms, what would make me think I could focus on a book? Well I don’t have to comment on a book…

The news is on I should watch it with my parents, and not sit in my room by myself…

I should work on my story… I need to do some productive writing…

Ugg, I just want to curl up in bed, shut the light off and forget about it all…

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Thanks for the advice. I remember I encountered some issues with the installation: I was prompted for Wi-Fi password, I entered it though, but the “Connect” button remained dimmed. I had no idea what to do with it, so I canceled the installation. And it is way to slow to run on my old laptop PC (compared to Windows XP).

Nooo, all this talk about summer going fast…grrr…hate it…leaves turning…yuck…I know fall colors are pretty but for me they are depressing because I know what comes after them! At least there’s a couple months of warm left…90s all this next week so will be going swimming again like i did yesterday…

What is on my mind? My mind is presently in my brain… my brain is encased in my skull…therefore my skull is on my mind…LOL…
However, if I astral project my consciousness (mind) out of my body that will no longer be true…

Less than a day to clean up -