Taking things personal

I was discussing something with my colleague and I thought she was still talking to me so I carried on talking and she was like i wasn’t talking to you :frowning:

How was her eye contact and body language when you were talking to her? Tends to be the big secret with communication. Maybe try again if she was busy with something else at the time. Although some people can just be dismissive. In which case it’s not you with the problem.

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She used to be nice now her face is just stiff like maybe she’s not happy or something. Maybe its not me.

By your last line sounds like she is dealing with some problems of her own.


I don’t think it’s anything personal. Saying that she wasn’t talking to you probably wasn’t meant in a negative way. I say it quit often to my hubby when I’m talking on the phone to someone else and he is answering me… It’s hard to keep track of two conversations at once.


as sz we take everything to heart…
in reality pretty much 99% of stuff that happens around us…is not actually about ’ us '.
your colleague could be ;
in pain
thinking about something else
distracted by another colleague
try not to take things to personally
the world does not revolve around us…!?!
hope you are feeling better about the situation.
take care


Just brush it off and don’t dwell on it if you can. I know it’s hard. It could just be a fleeting thing. Some people are just snappy. They lash out indiscriminately.

You can go on about your usual business and not worry about it. Daydream about a lover instead, that’s what I do. Hehehe