Taking niacin 500mg two times a day

I am taking Niacin 500mg a day. I have had schizophrenia over 50 years. I have taken most all medications at one time or the other. I am finding that taking the Niacin takes the edge off the sounds and hallucinations. At this time, all I take is the Niacin. I buy it over the counter for like 4 dollars per 100 tablets. That’s my experience so far


I hate that warm tingly feeling from it. Do you get that feeling?

I tried niacin. The beneficial effect wears off pretty quickly. Niacin has no antipsychotic properties. I’d see if you can get back on meds. Also 1g a day could affect your liver.

Yes I experience the hot flashes but get used to them

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Back in the 1950’s this b vit was being used to treat our illness, I tried it and it has helped me get over. We are all different in the ways things work for one and another. I think the man’s name was Dr. Huffman or Hoffman who began the research I lost the paper work on the info to help , sorry

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I think Niacinamide is flush free.

From what I read about niacin some people believe it helps them and some it didn’t help at all. It may help but not completely to get rid of positive symptoms


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The normal niacin gives flush but is only like 4 dollars per 100 tablets. I am controlling symptoms with the Niacin. good luck

You are correct. It is working for me and I have had issues with schiz since childhood.

I agree with your statements. Nonetheless I am receiving positive results with supplementing with Niacin. I realize everyone may not gain anything by using it.

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The only thing I like about Niacin is the flush. It doesn’t really help me with positives or negatives.

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what happened with NAC did you notice any difference?

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Apparently it takes 2-3 months to notice any effect. I’m still taking 1200mg a day. Nothing so far though.

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Okay good luck. I have it but I am not taking it.

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