Taking niacin 500mg two times a day

yes I do quite well with the niacin. I can live without other meds most of the time. thanks for writing.

I do 1,000-1,500mg a day. make sure you get your blood checked every three months or so to make sure your liver is running fine. Hang in there you should be getting a break through very soon. thanks for writing

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Niacin makes me feel pretty close to normal for like an hour, during the flush reaction. I take about 4-6 grams a day, as needed, as well as my Paliperidone antipsychotic.

Only downside for me, besides the short-lived benefits, is that it’s causing thickening of my skin.

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Have you discussed the skin thickening with your doctor? I’m just concerned this could be a marker for something more serious.

It’s a known side effect of Niacin, getting dark patches of skin. I’m not worried, it’s just annoying during baths, since lots of skin rubs off.

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