Taking fish oil

Anyone take omega 3 fish oil. I took it yesterday. However having trouble swallowing the pill. Whatever it did I felt well on it for yesterday. So ordered some gummy tablets. Without much of a fish taste either. Chewables as opposed to those big pills. Also I’ve heard some of the effects of fish oil. I was recommended by a nurse and 2 other people to take it for seasonal depression among other things. Any other results I can look for?? Heard it helps heart health and cholesterol. And brain stimulation. This true/what else could I possibly expect??

I take 3000 mg a day of fish oil Omega 3 fatty acids. I’ve been doing so for about 3 years and I’ve cut my tryglicerides by half and my LDL cholesterol is under 80. I owe it to the fish oil. I don’t know if it’s helped with the mental issues I have. It’s a good thing to start.

Fish oil makes me burp fish.

Fish oil makes my body feel like it is burning up. Odd thing is I can eat as much fish as I want, I love halibut.

Fish oil messed with my blood circulation. My hands were freezing.

After taking fish oil for about a month or two I started noticing a big difference in my working memory. I used to not be able to hold 2 numbers in my head at one time. Now I can hold an eight digit number in my head. I used to have a hard time balancing my checkbook. Now I balance to the penny every time. I have better recall of my memories. I have less brain fog. I swear by the stuff. But it did take awhile to notice the changes.