Taking fish oil

Anyone take omega 3 fish oil. I took it yesterday. However having trouble swallowing the pill. Whatever it did I felt well on it for yesterday. So ordered some gummy tablets. Without much of a fish taste either. Chewables as opposed to those big pills. Also I’ve heard some of the effects of fish oil. I was recommended by a nurse and 2 other people to take it for seasonal depression among other things. Any other results I can look for?? Heard it helps heart health and cholesterol. And brain stimulation. This true/what else could I possibly expect??


I take 3000 mg a day of fish oil Omega 3 fatty acids. I’ve been doing so for about 3 years and I’ve cut my tryglicerides by half and my LDL cholesterol is under 80. I owe it to the fish oil. I don’t know if it’s helped with the mental issues I have. It’s a good thing to start.

Fish oil makes me burp fish.

Fish oil makes my body feel like it is burning up. Odd thing is I can eat as much fish as I want, I love halibut.

Fish oil messed with my blood circulation. My hands were freezing.

After taking fish oil for about a month or two I started noticing a big difference in my working memory. I used to not be able to hold 2 numbers in my head at one time. Now I can hold an eight digit number in my head. I used to have a hard time balancing my checkbook. Now I balance to the penny every time. I have better recall of my memories. I have less brain fog. I swear by the stuff. But it did take awhile to notice the changes.

I don’t take fish oil because it makes me gain weight. But when I did it improved my memory tremendously.

I’ve been taking fish oil capsules for many years. I believe that it both stabilizes my mood (I’m sza), and it helps my arthritis pain.

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Oh, yeap, its good for the brain, it makes the connections there smoother…
You remind me, that i should buy myself the same lol :slightly_smiling_face: me too i cant swallow big or even medium pills, i found an omega 3 syrup here in bulgaria, the brand is Mullers… theres no yet here big offer of gummie tablets, maybe only an omega for the kids, but my pharmacist told me, that the dose for the kids will not be enough for me.
Hugs :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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I have been taking fish oils for more than ten years. It gives me good sleep, good heart and good joint.

I take vegan omega 3.

There is also omega 3 in chia seeds and some other plant based food without fish suffering or tasting bad.