Take the money and run

Anyone who has worked the closing shift at a store has probably experienced it, that feeling of counting up the money and thinking “if I just took the money and ran, how far could I get before anyone found me?”

My mom gave me money for rent and food, and I am once again overcome with that feeling.
The urge to take the money and run, just go somewhere nobody knows me.

I won’t do it, but I wonder… What causes that feeling?

Why does it seem easier to hop on a train to nowhere than face my struggles?

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I don’t know where the feeling comes from. Must be a form of escapism. I have this urge myself. I want to empty the bank accounts and disappear into the wilderness.

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If you go off the grid you can take the cash and use it as Toilet Paper.

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That’s Jus Terrible @Loke, Jus Terrible, (SMH)… . … :snake: :sleeping: :snake:

All right so youre a rock star @sleepoptimistic

I wanna take a taxi to the 7-11 down the corner and just disappear.

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Wherever you go, there you are.

Sorry if that’s a groaner.

In my experience your struggles go with you and/or are waiting for you when you return. Plus, added bonus, you get new struggles.

I guess if you needed to get out of a situation and were committed to growth in a new place that might be promising. There is something to be said about a fresh start I suppose.

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