Tactile hallucinations stories

What are your tactile hallucinations like? Mine include hands touching my arms, feet, and head.

For quite a while I would feel bugs crawling all over me when I would try and go to sleep, after about 6 months they started biting. (Not fun) Other then that sometimes I feel like my hands are super wet, but they aren’t. Or something pats my head like a dog, or a poke in the back. I’m spiritual so it’s annoying not being able to tell if it’s just me or a ghost!

Wow that’s interesting

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i would feel bugs touching and crawling all over me while i slept or about to fall asleep. sometimes i would see them crawl under my skin then coming out so i would freak out and smack and scratch my arm. my doctor found out and he was angry that i didn’t tell my therapist

Rats brushing against my leg

I feel horrible pain in various parts of my body when I don’t perform my compulsions. Usually, it’s my hands, feet, or eyes. It’s a sharp pain, like being stabbed in multiple places at the same time. I was told this is an OCD thing, but I’ve never met another person with OCD that experiences the same thing.

Sometimes my head feels numb. Don’t know if it’s derealization or psychosis.

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Thanks for the replies everyone

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I just had my heart beat really loud out of my chest and a voiz say i can control him. Is that considered an hallucination?:cold_sweat:

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I used to feel droplets on my arms sometimes and I was under a delusion that they were Drops Of Jupiter.

I also got drops on me - my feet arms or stomach. Like I dripped something cold there, but there was nothing there.

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