Tactile hallucinations?

Does anyone else ever feel like bugs are crawling all over them? I’ve been feeling this a lot lately. Like tiny little bugs


Oh yes. I have a terrible time with this.

Last year I knew there were three caterpillars living under the skin of the sole of my left foot.

I could also feel furry caterpillars crawling on my arms.

Now my biggest woe is the the little tiny worms that wriggle under the skin of my face. It is so distracting I scratch and pull at my skin to try to make them stop.

Nothing helps me.

That sounds terrible. I guess I’m lucky there not underneath my skin

Okay This was a big one that gave me a full on relapse. It was caused by stress at work, and when rumors spread that they found crabs in the women’s bathroom, which I used daily, I would swear I caught them. I couldn’t see them on me, but I thought I could feel them moving and whatnot. I’d look and never see any thing. It lead to me having panic attacks every night for about a week in a half before I finally told work I could’t handle being there because we were working 7 days a week full 8 hour days. Luckily I didn’t have crabs,and didn’t have to go to the hospital, once I quit working, saw my psychiatrist once a week, and adjusted my meds things calmed down a little, but I never returned to work. I figure working there would only push me back into more manic episodes.

Lately the most common tactile Hallucination I have is is someone poking me, like I feel a little pressure on my finger, or my hand, sometimes on my foot…never enough to leave a mark, doesn’t hurt or anything but just a little poke like someone is trying to get my attention but I’m the only one in the room.

I feel poking and stroking.

I get tactile hallucinations of being hit in the face. I’d say this happens 12 to 30 times a day.

I’ve felt that before, yes, and it wouldn’t go away until I touched/slapped/swatted the location where I felt it.

I’ve had that before too. It’s very uncomfortable.

Yes a few times

No I get the feeling of hands all over me. It used to be a lot lot worse though so I should be glad it’s just hands now. Still really unnerving.

Yes, and I’ll see them, like ants, crawling on me too. I have to stare for a few minutes at one spot and it doesn’t continue. And I have to swipe my hand over where I’m feeling the crawling to, usually, make the feeling stop. If I panic at all it just gets worse.

What I am going to say is embarrassing, but I feel like a pennis is touching my arm. I wasn’t raped or abused. It’s an awful sensation. My advice?Look, analize what you were thinking the day before or the minute before you felt them.You will come with racionalization and be aware that it was something that it is not happening unless you were in Africa. Trust me, it will help a lot to cope with not tactile, but with every kind of hallucinations that may appear.

i experience something touching my feet and legs especially when i’m trying to sleep.

i get to brag and say I’ve even had olfactory hallucinations, lifting a glass of coke to my lips and smelling Jim Beam in it, that sort of thing.

Thanks everyone for your comments. The past couple days they have be getting worse. It’s constant and there biting now. I’ll swat at them like a mosquito bit me but there’s never anything there that I can see