Question about hallucinations

Anybody experience tactile hallucinations? It sucks

I felt a hand reaching under me once.

I used to believe a coat hanger had been put inside me from the dark side and I could feel it moving around. very disturbing. I hope yours goes away. Have you told your pschiatrist about this? May need to adjust your meds.

I go to my new one on the 5th

Tactile hallucinations have been with me for a long time. It’s sort of odd how I won’t get any for a while… then I’ll have lot’s of them… then I won’t have any for a while.

I usually get ands on me… voodoo pin stabbies… finger nails scratching me.

sometimes I just have to go away and ride it out.

the hands on me are the most annoying.

I hope yours go away soon.

When I’m unmedicated or switching meds I get tactiles. I feel a knife being pressed against my back, I feel unmentionables being pressed against my face and some others alongside some fairly disturbing delusions. Very uncomfortable hallucinations!!

I feel someone grab my foot sometimes. That is scary. Also someone is poking me and touch my arms and legs.

I might have tactile hallucinations, but I’m pretty sure they’re just intrusive thoughts… basically, a lot of times when I’m in bed, I can’t stop imagining that someone is handcuffing me to the bed… it doesn’t really make any sense, and I am aware that it’s not happening, I just imagine that it is.

touching, hitting, smacking, sexual abuse, crawling things, red beams of light from the ceiling…

it sucks as do all hallucinations, don’t you agree?

I experience them also. very very disturbing and frightening as well.


Used to have them:

Drops of HIV+ blood dripping from the TV unto my skin and forks being shoved down my throat at night when trying to sleep…

Nothing while on zyprexa.

I do, but mine are not violent towards me. I feel the physical presence of what I call my companion angel pretty much all the time, pressing against my right shoulder. Sometimes I feel that I have huge wings while I’m walking…and sometimes when I get angry or anxious I feel spikes growing out of my upper back… Less dramatic are the bugs I feel crawling on me sometimes.

Yes, I have experienced things like spiders biting my testicles while talking to a girl I was interested in after class.

Rather funny now, not pleasant when it happened.